Danielle Charette

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Danielle Charette Art, 2016 Oil 24x36 © Danielle Charette
The art studio and gallery of artist Danielle Charette in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NYC, 2014 © Danielle Charette
Artists Danielle Charette and Rick Prol in front of Charette's art at Westbeth Gallery , 2014 Gouache and Assemblage © Danielle Charette
Danielle Charette art at Westbeth Gallery, New York, NY, 2014 Gouache, Mixed Media and Assemblage © Danielle Charette
Danielle Charette art at Metropolis Collective and Trash Art Gallery, 2010 Mixed Media 16x20 © Danielle Charette
Danielle Charette Art on closing poster for Westbeth Gallery exhibit Witness - The Cedar Tavern Phone Booth Show titled "Oh Jack Kerouac, No You Didn't" Assemblage, Wood Carving, Sculpture 6x18 © 2014
Danielle Charette art in FOV Field of Vision exhibit at Metropolis Collective and Trash Art Gallery, 2013 © Danielle Charette
Danielle Charette art in FOV Field of Vision at Metropolis Collective and Trash Art Gallery, 7-5-13 © Danielle Charette
Danielle Charette Art exhibit at Converge Art Gallery in Williamsport, PA, 2012 © Danielle Charette
Danielle Charette Art Exhibition @ Gallery at Second, January 2013
Danielle Charette Art Book at Metropolis Collective and Trash Art Gallery © Kelly Ann Schuler
Danielle Charette Art Paintings © Danielle Charette ©
Mixed media painting by Brooklyn artist Danielle Charette titled Until Death Do We Part And Then Some, 2011 Mixed Media © Danielle Charette
Mixed Media painting by Brooklyn artist Danielle Charette titled April Showers, February 2013 Oil 16x20 © Danielle Charette
Mixed Media painting by Brooklyn artist Danielle Charette titled Voodoo Taxi, 2011 Mixed Media 16x2o © Danielle Charette
2752 - It Is Always The Same, 2008 Mixed Media 16x20 © Danielle Charette
Danielle charette Art in Sinners and Saints at Converge Gallery, November 1st, 2012
Danielle Charette art in Sex, Drugs and Rock'n'Roll Exhibition at Trash Art Gallery at Metropolis Collective © sophie lo
Bigger Bits and Pieces show at Metropolis Collective's, Trash Art Gallery
Danielle Charette art in The Rick Prol WeeGee/Cool Cat Show © Danielle Charette
Danielle Charette in Bits & Pieces Art Exhibit © Danielle Charette
Danielle Charette, Rick Prol, PAUL KOSTABI, Dean Chooch Landry, Yosiell Lorenzo, Matthew Ryan Sharp, Aaron Meyers, Jennifer Gunlock, Daniel Bilodeau, Lawrence Charles Miller, Kurt Herrmann,
The "Cool Cat" Show at Metropolis Collective
Tell-Tale Heart @ AITA Philadelphia
Danielle Charette art, the art of Mark Kostabi and Paul Kostabi and The Mark Kostabi Band live on stage, with Carrier Pigeon at Metropolis Collective , 5-3-13 © Danielle Charette, Mark Kostabi
Danielle Charette art in the Diagnosis Artist show at Star House Gallery in Kingston, NY, June 2013
Danielle Charette art in FOV at Metropolis Collective , July 5th, 2013 © Danielle Charette
Danielle Charette art in Emerge Art Fair in Washington DC, October 2nd, 2014
Danielle Charette art in Modern Folk at Packwood House Museum © 2013
Danielle Charette Art in "DIAS LOS MUERTOS" EXHIBIT at Arlington Arts Center, Arlington Virginia, NOVEMBER 1ST, 2014
Danielle Charette and Richard Reilly founders and owners of Metropolis Collective 2013, 2013
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Birth year
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New York, NY
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New York, NY
Savannah College of Art and Design
Riverside School for the Arts
Representing galleries
Trash Art Gallery @ Metropolis Collective, Gallery @ Second, harrisburg Midtown Arts Center, Gallery @ Second, Revival, Never Say Die, Star House Gallery, Metropolis Collective, Grey Art Gallery, 2nd Floor Gallery, Progressive Galleries, Converge Gallery
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Danielle Charette is a Contemporary Expressionist Artist born in Pennsylvania, who resides and works in New York City.

Her art is a highly symbolic form of modern story telling on canvas meant to convey her life experiences and evoke emotion in the viewer. With her modern folk art styling, she paints narrative tales of love, life, death, the afterlife, dreams, heartache, heartbreak, loss and whimsy. Repetitions of theme, elements, color and design create cohesion throughout her paintings with each piece telling a portion of a story until the story is complete.

Several sub-cultures as well as her French heritage and the Pennsylvania Dutch heavily influence her art work. It is an evolution of her love of love, iconic shapes, folk art, outsider art, dias los muertos, religious iconography, poetry, playing cards, symmetry, vintage deco and art nouveau design, fairy tales, old horror films, the sea, tattoos, gothic and punk rock music and clowns.

Danielle Charette’s original oil paintings and art are represented by and hang in art exhibitions in many galleries and museums throughout the US and continues to sell to contemporary art collectors both nationally and internationally. 

Notably, Danielle Charette's series of paintings, “2752 It’s Always the Same” and “Broke in Brooklyn”, were accepted for inclusion by The National September 11th Memorial Museum. 

To view more of Danielle’s artwork please visit

Danielle was also a founder, owner and the gallery director of Trash Art Gallery at Metropolis Collective in Mechanicburg, Pennsylvania and currently owns and operates Cave Art Gallery in Brooklyn, New York.






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