Anna Richards

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The Living Room, May 2011 Sonic Art Installation
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National Media Museum
University of Leeds, 2012, Masters: Performance, Culture and Context
John Moores University, 2008, BA Honours Drama
SONIC mixed-media, installation, performance, conceptual, sculpture, exhibition/performance

Anna Richards is a performance artist and writer who is currently based in Leeds but comes from the fair shores of the river Mersey. Her work is focused on the conceptual, specifically around the themes of love, loss, death, relationships and the female body in todays society.

Anna is currently studying for her Masters at the University of Leeds in Performance, Culture and Context. It was here where she realised she wanted to make work which could take the audience on a journey in the hope of forming invisable bonds whilist also making conceptual work which could potentially be moving for the audience and artist.

Anna completed her undergraduate at John Moores University where by the end she had realised her passion for the physicality of the body, exploring space and composition. After her degree she persude this exploration on the body by being accepted onto the Hope Street Org performer apprentice proggrame where she worked with the acclaimed physical theatre company; Tmesis, The international street theatre of Mischief la Bas, and Liverpool based Urban Strawberry Lunch


Anna has worked for Arts in Regeneration where she planned and delivered arts based proggrames in and around Liverpool she also completed the First Take production companys training in Directing for Short Film course, where she specialised in camera and composition she now utilises this training in her installation work.

Mostly though she is just a girl/woman/human who is muddling her way through this life trying to make meaning and connections through the medium of Art and Performance.