R.J. DeNardo

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The Andromeda Incident, 05/18/2012 Novel 6x9" © yes
Snow Covered Trees, 02/2014 Photography/Digital 8 X10 © yes
A Very Close-up Shot of Louie the Cat, 09/2013 Photography/Digital 8x10 © yes
Billard Balls Anyone 2, 08/2013 Photography/Digital 8x10 © yes
A Rare Bearded Fungi, 07/2013 Photography/Digital 8x10 © yes
Tuckin' a Whole Lot of Grafitti, 09/2013 Photography/Digital 8x10 © yes
A Grand View of Fort Taylor, 09/2013 Photography/Digital 8x10
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Chicago, IL
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Cathedral City
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Palm Springs
The Sci Fi Fantasy of all Ages!

“R.J. DeNardo is a new tour de force and upcoming author.” – Terry Lee Palmer, artist
This sci-fi fantasy gives a whole new meaning to the word “Galacti-sexual.” Emrys Myrddin Calyx was born aboard the Starship Americus to a weak-willed and somewhat frail Earthling father and a black panther-like humanoid, Myrrddissian mother. Emrys was created experimentally to be double-sexed, and can change sexes at will, via a telepathic command.
The Andromeda Incident (or Out of Chaos Comes Hope!) tells all about the mixed-up life Emrys lives, and his adventures and misadventures in the 12th. and 21st. centuries.
Wander the universe with Emrys as he uses a time/space continuum device to journey to the devastated planets of Mars and Earth, just before both human and alien-caused cataclysmic events occur. This startling adventure was 900 years in the making!

About the Author: The Andromeda Incident is R.J. DeNardo’s first novel. In 1990, he self-published a small book of poems and accompanying black-and-white photographs of Key West, Florida, where he lived for four years. This book is the culmination of a nearly one-year effort to develop it from a short story to a full-length novel. He is currently writing his second novel, a sequel to The Andromeda Incident, titled: The Captain’s Propensity. The author is a professional wholistic therapist who lives and practices in Palm Springs, California. The Author can be contacted via email only at: