Jennifer Frost

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Trouble Oil Pastel/Paint/Newspaper Collage 48x48
You are in my way Oil Pastel/Paint/Newspaper Collage 48x48
The Grumpy Goldfish Oil Paint/Pastel Newspaper Collage 18x24
RealFake Oil Paint/Newspaper Collage 36x48
Cake Oil Paint/Newspaper Collage On Canvas 18x24
Stuck on you Oil Paint/Newspaper Collage On Wood Panel 24x24
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mixed-media, surrealism


I create to cleanse my soul from the emotional torment of being an artist.  Many of my pieces are born from dark emotions that are so complex I can only express them through art.  I am a surrealist, make believe pleases me.  I paint and use collage as an addition to my vision.  I use bright colors to excite you.  They energize and fascinate me, especially red.  You can almost hear it, red is so loud.   That is how I know it is a masterpiece, if I can hear the noises going on in the scene I paint.  I am very connected to the earth and its beasts.   This is why I paint so many animals. I avoid painting humans.  I feel humanity is grossly over produced in artwork.  Encouraging us to conclude we are really the only life form that matters.  I have no formal art training.  I learn from experimentation combined with raw emotion. I use oil paint, pastels, and newspaper because they are all so versatile.  I add words to my art, usually with newspaper. I do this because I enjoy the wacky things I find in the paper, and I love how reading forces people to think. It adds a whole new dimension to my artwork.  It is my depth. I am aware nobody understands exactly what I mean by the words I choose.  This mystery is my silly game I play with you.  These words sometimes embarrass me because they are usually very theatrical.  This is an example of how I can improve as an artist, by having no apprehension of my expression.  As they say, ”own it”. I feel imprisoned when I try to create a body of work, like I am being emotionally suffocated.  I am unwavering in my need to paint what feels right at the time. My goal is to get people to hang my art on their walls. That has always been the only thing for me.   My art is constantly evolving as I grow.  I believe in artistic freedom, and have no plans on fitting into any box. 


Take it or leave it, I am my own artist. 

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