Jon Muir

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Untitled Shelter 1., 2011 Installation
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Birth year
Sutton Art & Design Center, 2010, BA Hons
Manchester Metropolitan University, 2007, B-Tec
installation, photography, sculpture, exhibition/performance

Jon Muir.


‘It has been said that earth, from some attractive power exercised by the passage of an enormous dark body through space, became tilted or inclined to its orbit more than before, and that this, while it lasted, altered the flow of the magnetic currents, which in an imperceptible manner, influence the minds of men.’ (Richard Jefferies, Wild England, 1885.)

My work is trying to focus on the use of survivalism and bush craft in more of an imaginative sense, Mainly concentrating on Humanities Survival I have created a series of Installations that expand my narrative to another level of Survivalism. In an Apocalypse of any manner, Survival would be your number one concern, even in an unspecific catastrophe the structure of staying alive is still intact but with a lot less expectation.

In This series of Installations I have created Shelters built up from reclaimed materials that could have been scavenged if needs be. The Shelters show a number of typical examples of living spaces in the time of the savage. Adaption is the key to this type of living, where inanimate objects become prized possessions. Temporary living spaces like these would not be uncommon in this narrative of imagination. People Following water sources, food, etc. would build these shelters for a few days rest and food depending on what materials were at their grasp. These Installations certainly give the viewer a taste of what home life could be like if the world deteriorated into barbarism.