James Ziemer

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We're Coming - Canvass back and Brood, 10/2012 Acrylic On Pastel Board 12 X 16 Inches © 2012
Kelly's Doll, 2/26/2013 Pencil On Pastel Board 16x20
Fishing The Buffalo Acrylic On Board 16x12 © James Ziemer
Dinner For Two Acrylic On Board 16x12 © James Ziemer
Spring Standoff Acrylic On Board 20 X 16 Inches © Jim Ziemer Art
Bad Day For Shrimp Acrylic On Board 12 X 16 Inches © Jim Ziemer Art
Seeking Wind © Jim Ziemer Art
I Probably Shouldn't Be Here, 2012 Acrylic On Board 24 X 18 Inches © Jim Ziemer Art
Chickadee Acrylic On Board © Jim Ziemer Art
Massanutten Memories Acrylic On Board 20 X 16 Inches © Jim Ziemer Art
Lunch At Driftwood Beach Acrylic On Board 18 X 24 Inches © Jim Ziemer Art
Grandchildren Pencil On Paper Commissioned Work 12x16 © James Ziemer
The Yellow Bench, 10/2012 Acrylic On Board 12 X 24 Inches © 2012
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Washington, DC
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Brunswick, GA
mixed-media, landscape, traditional, photography, digital, figurative

Born on March31, 1940, Jim Ziemer has enjoyed drawing for most of his life, but earning a decent living took precedence over pursuing art. While doing occasional drawings and paintings for family and friends, it wasn’t until after retiring to the Chesapeake Bay (Va.) area in 2003 that he began painting in earnest. Since retirement he has devoted the majority of his free time to art focusing mainly on the wildlife and scenery of the Chesapeake Bay area along with the boats and boating history of that area.. He moved to Brunswick Ga. in March of 2009 where he continues painting the wildlife of the area and commissioned portraits.

Jim has had no formal training in art but has an exceptional natural gift for observation and creating realism in paintings. Portraiture is his favorite form of art and his gift for capturing likeness and personality is apparent in his work. Nature and wildlife are also favorite subjects for him. Creating the mood and “story” can be the most arduous part of a painting, all before the first stroke is applied to the work. He works mainly in acrylics for the brilliance of color and fast drying time for detail painting, while Portraits are done only in oils or pencil.

He has displayed and sold his work in many art shows in both Va. and Ga. as well as several of the local juried galleries. He has won many awards for his work but much prefers the personal comments he receives when a work is appreciated and understood by the viewers.