richard ansett

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Boy with Head #1 Injury from 'Hospital gardens, Ukraine', 2011 Lightbox Duratran 150 X 1856 Cm © Richard Ansett
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modern, photography, conceptual

Emotions within us are manifest in momentary glimpses of the lives of others and can be an exploration of the limits of ourselves. Exploring the complex nature of our emotional world offers hope and empathy to others. We are mostly exposed to similar emotional experiences, it is how we deal with these emotions that define us as individuals.

I am a product of my environment. I am denied a genetic heritage and am unaware of the inherent forces that influence my behavior.  I lack a genetic empathy and my images are a consequence of this as a disability.

There is a particular entrenched visual language but these are not natural rules, they are inherited. The customary framework that contextualizes events subjugates any responsibility for content. The landscape has been hijacked by an historic and sentimental aesthetic infecting the interpretation of the world. Here, conventional consideration is not given to narrative, truthful representation is irrelevant; subjects are merely participating in an interpretation. It is a distorted and prejudiced view; an exposed infection of the personal experience and a discussion of the truth conveyed in realism.

There is an atavistic element to life; inevitably we our both beneficiaries and victims of our genetic natures. We are capable of change but in increments; minute shifts within a repeated inherited landscape.