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It was at Palomar College I became more interested in sculpture. I worked with my professor Anthony Lugo for metal design, and Carrie Minikel for mixed media sculpture. Carrie Minikel was the professor that first introduced the artist Patricia Piccinini to me. Piccinini inspired my sculpture work involving genetics, skin textures, and creature creations. Doug Durrant, my drawing professor at Palomar, chose my drawing “rock/flower” to participate in the 2008 Student Show at the Boehm Gallery. During this period at Palomar College, I also devoted my time as an art teacher at Painted Earth Studios where I conducted children’s art camps. In 2010 I started at San Francisco State University majoring in fine arts, with an emphasis in painting and sculpture. At San Francisco State I worked diligently on sculpture creations and was awarded best sculpture in November of 2011 for my Fleshies installation at the Still Well Student Show.  I am currently attending San Francisco State University will graduate in the fall of 2012 with a Bachelor degree in fine arts. I plan on continuing my art after I graduate.

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