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 'So what art do you do- what's your speciality?' 'Well, it's not work that can be put into a specific category.' 'Oh, do you paint landscapes, watercolours?' 'Yes and no. What shall I say?' Quizzical look follows 'I paint pictures in oils, portraits; I make intricate ink drawings and then there are objects - these can be rather abstract.' 'Oh, sounds interesting.....' The baroque life of wanting and being able to create, expressing the idea of the moment in a vareity of forms and media... [more]
Posted by GWENDOLYN JENNER on 2/6/13

Baroque Pearls

Looking through the selection of my artwork I had the impression that upon first glimpse it all looked so disparate. However, having made the pieces using pen, brush and hands to express the flights of imagination, representation or even accidental meanderings there is a connecting thread. One person, influenced by their surroundings, history and desires subconsciously depicts these experiences. As with all the human facets be they, handwriting, tastes, character, posture, speech, the creative... [more]
Posted by GWENDOLYN JENNER on 11/1/12

Robert's Tower

                                                            Robert’s Tower            The Painting A portrait of an iconic structure ‘en homage’ to Robert Delauney. I just loved the lines and colours of this composition and thoroughly enjoyed working on this canvas. Although he and his wife Sonia’s work would eventually be termed ‘Orphism’, an element of their search being about colour forming its own structure, the work is not completely non figurative. The Eiffel tower gives the... [more]
Posted by GWENDOLYN JENNER on 4/26/12