Christopher Sage

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Dead beat, 2017 Oil & Acrylic Paint On Canvas 47 X 41 Cm © Photo credit Trevor Good
7bit double möbius loops / 8bit double möbius loops, 2016 Oil Paint And Pigment On Wood Installation Dimensions Variable © Phot credit Christopher Sage
K-Kilo, 2015 4 Colour Digital Print On 110g Flag Fabric, Sticked, With Eyelets. Edition 1/ 5. 130 X 130 Cm © Photo credit Philipp Ricklefs
Mr Möbius, the Escapologist (Anton) , 2014 Acrylic Paint On Canvas 47 X 41 Cm © Photo credit Christopher Sage
Fractured cube i., 2016 Acrylic Paint On Canvas 31 X 29 Cm, (Framed 32.2 X 30.2) © Photo credit Trevor Good
In the valley, 2017 Oil And Acrylic Paint On Canvas 113 X 97 Cm © Photo credit Trevor Good
String thing, 2017 Oil Paint And Pigment On Wood 35 X 49 X 59.5 Cm © Photo credit Trevor Good
.spatiotemporal - Exhibition Flyer, 2012 © Galerie Thomas Crämer
© Christopher Sage
Moabit Mashup exhibition view © Christopher Sage
Stations of the cube, rogue series I-V, 2015
Alternative Measure Installation View Variable © Photo credit Trevor Good
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The University of Reading, 2007, Post. Grad. Diploma
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enamels, oils, acrylics, architecture, geometric, two-point perspective, modern, sculpture
Christopher Sage

Christopher Sage's work explores polarized coexistences of dual states. This co-habitation of conflicting elements permeates his art work and manifests through a variety of visual cues. Sage toys with visual hierarchies drawing references to Constructivism and the Bauhaus school, contrasted against warning signs, paint colour charts and tiled patterns.

Mathematical structures govern the formation of Sage’s work, as the laws of physics govern the physical world. Sage employs Prime number sequences as a framework to define his compositions & proportions. This mathematical underpinning looks at its own aesthetic impact. While aesthetic principles of classical Golden section geometry stems from natural forms, Sage looks to patterns within our numeric system itself. Sage explains “I'm interested in Primes as a byproduct of an ordered, logical system. Their unique, concrete indivisibility, sits at odds with their erratic behaviour, appearing at unpredictable, seemingly random intervals.”

Playing with optical & cognitive shifts, Sage’s works merge disparate ideas and opposing visual elements in one common space, were they threaten to brake apart as they jar against one another; contradictions become suspended in a visual unity. His paintings, woodcuts and drawings fuse alternating perspectives, creating contorted and ambiguous forms. The represented space folds & shifts as the eye moves from one reference point to another. Sage employs electric colours that are vivid and demand attention, while his images of isolated objects and impersonal, hard edge forms evoke darker melancholic tones, that contrast his works vibrant colours. The movement of swirling, fluid paint is offset against solid blocks of hard edged colour.

In his stark black and white woodcut prints, Sage references traditional block letters used in old fashioned newspaper and book printing methods. While appearing like familiar letters or signs, the looped forms offer multiple potential states akin to early digital watch displays ability be signal multiple signs. Sage's play with spacial perspective further animates his looped 'signs', adding additional grey areas of certainty of translation.

The act of looking informs the state of given elements in Sage's drawings, paintings and prints, the work attempts to remain in a superposition, or polarized-unified field of undecided foreground/background, up/down where the action of observation defines a possible perceivable position.



2017 Alternative Measures, coGalleries, Berlin

2016 Double Möbius, Larry's Show, Berlin

2013 Hinterm Tresen..., Wesen, Berlin

2012 Death at the Sideshow, REH kunst, Berlin

2009 Import Export, Weissfaktor : raum fur zeitgenössishe kunst, Berlin

2005 Oscillating Order, Berliner Kunstprojekt, Berlin



2017 KNOTENPUNKT 17. Affenfaust Galerie , Hamburg

        Leerbach Palais, Leerbach Palais, Frankfurt am Main 

        Benefit Auction in collaboration with Sotherby's, Novomatic Forum, Vienna

        Silent Empire, Funkhaus, Berlin

        elastic collisions, Kunshalle Exnergasse, Vienna

2016 Querschnitt ii. Busche Kunst, Berlin

        Triangularities, Centrum, Projektraum für zeitgenössische Kunst, Berlin

        Jubiläum, Larry's Show, Berlin

        Sie müssen keine Meinung haben, seien Sie einfach nur schön! Schaufenster, Berlin

2015 Recollections of a Seagull: The Accessories of Entropy, Stastion, Berlin

         Arcadia Unbound, Funkhaus, Berlin

        Ceres in Colour, there's a little black spot on the Sun today, Hinteconti, Hamburg

        New Adventures in Vexillologie, Kunstverein Amrum

        Moabit Mashup, Atelierhof Kreuzberg,Berlin

        Grand Finale, Lady Fitness Contemporary, Berlin

2014 Jungle of Sculptures, Atelierhof Kreuzberg,Berlin

        About Sculpture #3, Off Limits!, Lady Fitness Contemporary, Berlin

        Dutch Courage, 48 Stunden Neukölln, Berlin

2013 Tomorrow it's time for the future, Kunstraum Kreuzberg /Bethanien, Berlin

2012 Spaciotemporal, Galerie Thomas Crämer, Berlin

        Laut plan solte es losknallen, Atelierhof-Kreuzberg, Berlin

2011 We can start a process, Kreuzberg Pavillion Neuköln, Berlin

        Cube side 7, Cube 54, Berlin

        H.J.K.J.H.G., Skalitzer 140 Temporary, Berlin

2010 Forgeries, The Forgotten Bar Project, Berlin

2009 Jamaica Street Artist & Friends, Bristol City Museum & Art Gallery, Bristol

        Cabinet, Gallery 33, Berlin

2008 InSpuratIon, University of Reading, Reading

        MA & Postgraduate Contemporary Art Show, Atkinson Gallery, Somerset

2005 White on White, Window Licker Gallery, Berlin

        Spike Island Open, Spike Island Gallery, Bristol

        Emporium Cabaret, Invention Arts, Bath



2014 Lady Fitness Contemporary, Berlin



2004 ‘The Labyrinth of the Gaze: Gavin Turk: FIVE Magazine', page 23

2002 ‘Skin' Boudicca: FIVE Magazine, page25



1998 Owen Ridley Drawing Prize 1998



2007-08 Postgraduate Diploma Fine Art, University of Reading, Reading, UK

1994-98 BA Hons. Fine Arts, University of Reading, Reading, UK

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