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This I Tell You: With THese Wings I Shall Fly, 2010 Photography/Digital Imaging 30"X20" © Pat Swain
If These Wings Could Fly, 2010 Photography/Digital Imaging 30"X20" © Pat Swain
Worms Are Good To Eat, 2010 Photography 30"X20" © Pat Swain
Chicken Crossing The Hills, 2010 Photography 30"X20" © Pat Swain
Fearless Among The Creatures, 2010 Photography 30"20" © Pat Swain
I Am That, 2010 Photography 30"X20" © Pat Swain
Chicken On A Spiritual Search, 2011 Photography 50"X45" © Pat Swain
Chickens In Spring, 2011 Photography 50"X40" © Pat Swain
Wandering Chicken, 2010 Photography 40"X30" © Pat Swain
Existential Chicken, 2010 Photography 30"X20" © Pat Swain
This and That, 2010 Photography 50"X40" © Pat Swain
Photography 30"X20" © Pat Swain
Flamingo in the Cloud Forest, September 2012 Photography 30 X20 Inches © pat swain
Lost Flamingos in the Cloud Forest, 2012 Photography 50x33.3 Inches © pat swain
Lost Flamiingo in the Clouse Forest II, 2012 Photography 50 X 38 Inches © pat swain
Vacation Condos in Winter, Gumusluk, Turkey, 2010 Photography 49 X 55 Inches © pat swain
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New York
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New York
animals realism surrealism, chickens, quirky, birds, Turken, Turkey, Cappadocia landscape, modern, traditional, photography, digital, figurative, conceptual

Recent InterviewsApril 2012: Interview foritim photo magazine:
December 2010: Interview: Today's Zaman, Istanbul,

Vido Arist, Frederick Belzile, captured Swain's experience in Cappadocia, Turkey: 'Something's been answered'

Recent Solo Exhibitions
2013  Date to be announced
  'Flamingos in the Cloud Forest'  National Gallery, San Jose, Costa Rica
 'The Chickens of Cappadocia', Los Angeles Center for Digital Art Los Angeles, LA
 'The Chickens of Cappadocia'. C.A.M. Gallery / Nisantasi / Istanbul

Recent Group Exhibitions
Garrison Art Center, Garrison, New York
NO Gallery, New York, NY
Photo Place Gallery, Middlebury, VT
Palais de Glace / Buenos Aires, Argentina (Pollux Awards) 

Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Los Angeles, LA
The Kiernan Gallery, Lexington, VA
Palais de Glace / Buenos Aires, Argentina (Julia Cameron Awards)

Los Angeles Center for Digital Art,  Los Angeles, LA
Espace DUPON ,  Paris, France  PX3 Exhibition

Recent Awards
Artist Wanted: Chosen for publication in Exposure Magazine
ArtSlant: 3rd and 4th 2012 Showcase Winner
Third Edition of The Julia Cameron Awards:
    Finalist (Bodrum, Turkey in Winter)
Professional Women Photographers: Second Prize

Lens Culture International Exposure Awards: Honorable Mention
Dave Bown Projects
World Photography Awards: Pollux Award April:
    2nd Prize: Animals and Wildlife: “Chicken On A Spiritual Search”
Direct Art Awards  two pages awarded to Pat Swain
The Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, Second Edition:
   Third Place: Children:  Honerable Mention: Fine Art
Featured Photographer for Focus Project:
World Photography Awards:
    Pollux Award:  Honorable Mention: Animal and Wildlife Portfolio Category:
The International Aperture Awards:
    Silver and Bronze Award
International Photo Awards:
    Finalist for 'The Discovery of the Year Award' : 'The Chickens of Cappadocia'
    First Place: Digitally Enhanced: 'The Chickens of Cappadocia'
    First Place: Pets
    Honorable Mention: Nature
London Creative Awards:
    Shortlist: 'The Chickens of Cappadocia'
Los Angeles Center For Digital Art "DigitalArt.LA" Winner
PX3 Paris de la Photographie:
   First Place Nature/Other: 'The Chickens of Cappadocia'
   Second Place Overall Nature: 'The Chickens of Cappadocia'
   Two Honorable Mention (2 catagories)
Photographer's Forum:
    Finalist: In Publication, 'Best of Photography 2010'
The Jacob Riis Portfolio Awards:
    Portfolio finalist: 'The Chickens of Cappadocia'
First Edition of The Julia Cameron Awards:
    Two Honorable Mentions: Architecture: Fine Art

The International Aperture Awards: Silver and Bronze Award
The International Photo Awards: Three Honorable Mentions
Photo District News Faces Contest: Winner Pet Division
Photo District News Winners Faces OnLine Gallery
Photo District News Faces Edition
Winning Pet Photo advertising the Best Friend Photo Contest (Photo District News and ASPCA)

Artist Residencies
Odyssey Artist Residency, Costa Rica, 2012
Petrified Forest Artist-in-Residence, Arizona, USA April 2011
The Gumusluk Academy, Bodrum, Turkey 2010, 2011

Koc Foundation, Istanbul, Turkey
The Gumusluk Academy, Bodrum, Turkey
Los Angeles Museum of Digital Art
Petrified Forest, Arizona, USA
Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, USA
World Photography Organization, USA
Private Collectors

The Chickens of Cappadocia

The fowl in these capricious yet beautiful images are indigenous to the environment in which they were composited—Cappadocia, Turkey. The first impression upon viewing these images is a sense of equal parts fun and mastery. As much attention is put into the formal qualities of the work as is given to their droll subject matter. In many of the images, the shapes of the chickens with their cockscombs and feathers are put into dialogue with similar rock formations. We see a full treatment of the landscape photography form, as well as a surreal/pop portraiture of creatures all too familiar, yet equally odd as they appear in Swain's compositions.

In the Romantic tradition, these landscapes often convey the sublimity of nature being surveyed by the lone individual. The unfamiliar, exotic quality of these selected landscapes creates the sense of mystery and surprise, with the chicken as some sort of Romantic "high priest." Here, however, this priest has been ironically supplanted by the chicken, who is humorously elevated to something approaching nobility and the heroic.

Besides the chickens' comical air, the artist relies on the universality of the chickens themselves. The first representations of chickens in Europe are found on Corinthian pottery of the 7th-century BCE.  The poet Cratinus (mid-5th century BCE) calls the chicken "the Persian alarm."  There are twenty-four billion chickens in the world now, making it the most abundant bird on the planet. Thus, the archetypal "hero" has become, in these images, poultry instead of "man."


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