Pancho Panoptes

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Guanajuato, Guanajuato
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mixed-media, installation, video-art, performance, photography, digital, graffiti/street-art, conceptual, exhibition/performance
(Con)Temporary Artist

Pancho Panoptes steps into the art world as the most unoriginal artist of his generation. Causing furor in 2010 with his solo, debut exhibition “The Inevitable Death & Resurrection of Painting” –where he filled a U.S. University gallery space with one-brushstroke paintings (yes, every painting consisted of a singlehandedly painted brushstroke)—his aesthetic project is one that questions notions of authenticity, originality, otherness, and the very label of “artist.”
This masked unknown claims, “Ever since I realized that I was an artist, I’ve been creating artwork challenging the fact.”

Further rejecting notions of originality, he’s well known for hiring assistants to “be” him at his opening receptions and other public events. The oeuvre of this unaccomplished artist is one that encompasses painting, photography, collage, perhaps performance, and what he has trademarked as philms (Panchistic films). Today, his true identity remains unknown and, in all likelihood, it is unimportant.