Eric Hart

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Anna in Silk, 2007 Digital Photography 10" X 15" © 2007 Eric Hart
The Picnic Area at the End of the Universe, 2006 Digital Photography 10" X 15" © 2006 Eric Hart
Covering the Set, 2007 Digital Photography 10" X 15" © 2007 Eric Hart
Erasable Bridge, 2008 Digital Photography 10" X 15" © 2008 Eric Hart
Shadow, Lamp, and Sofa, 2005 Digital Photography 11" X 14" © 2005 Eric Hart
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Brooklyn, NY
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New York, NY
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New York, NY
landscape, photography, digital, conceptual

I don't photograph for myself; that would be redundant. I photograph for others. We are all on this world together, so let me show you what I see. All photography, no matter how carefully constructed, is ultimately the record of an individual viewpoint. A photograph cannot show what everyone sees, it can only show what the photographer sees.

I don't make my living off of my photography. A photographer whose only hobby is photography, and only friends are photographers, only makes photographs of interest to other photographers. The world is too varied and interesting for that. I work as a props artisan, and sometimes a carpenter, for theatre and exhibitions. This keeps me fed, sane, and informs my photography.

Other interesting things about me: I have an identical twin brother, my parents are potters, I grew up on a farm, and I've lived in Santa Fe, Louisville, Philadelphia, Ohio, and New York City.

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