Fabrizio Federico

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Gutter Cinema, 2011 © Fabrizio Federico
Pelican Bay, 2010 © Fabrizio Federico
My Little Sheila, 2010 © Fabrizio Federico
Sarcasm, 2010 © Fabrizio Federico
Sedgwick © Fabrizio Federico
Work Brings Freedom © Fabrizio Federico
Me, You © Fabrizio Federico
Fuck © Fabrizio Federico
Fuck 2 © Fabrizio Federico
Snow Juice © Fabrizio Federico
Cuban Mice Sandwich © Fabrizio Federico
Barney © Fabrizio Federico
Handy Man © Fabrizio Federico
Dildo Love © Fabrizio Federico
Lonely Eskimo © Fabrizio Federico
Fit For the Queen © Fabrizio Federico
Love © Fabrizio Federico
Car Cake © Fabrizio Federico
Black Biscuit © Fabrizio Federico
PINK8 Manifesto © Fabrizio Federico
Jaguar © Fabrizio Federico
Jug Sea © Fabrizio Federico
Sams Blind Fog, 2012 © Fabrizio Federico
Crossroads Ditch, 2012 © Fabrizio Federico
Falling, 2012 © Fabrizio Federico
Fabrizio Federico, 2012 Poster © Fabrizio Federico
Fabrizio Federico, 2012 Poster © Fabrizio Federico
Fabrizio Federico, 2012 © Fabrizio Federico
Fabrizio Federico, 2012 Poster © Fabrizio Federico
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Fabrizio Federico was born in Derby, UK in 1983. In 1989 after escaping death at age 5 in a house fire that resulted in himself and a single photo of his grandfather Damiano Federico being the only 2 things to survive the fire. His mother Gaynor was thrown from an upstairs window and caught below.

His family moved to Italy. There he lived in the valley of Massa. Raised among the free-wheeling Campania people he was free to explore and adventure into the mountains and rivers of the area. The air was lustful, crafty and playful. It was during these years he watched Dennis Hopper's The Last Movie, which had a tremendous impression on him.

His father Antonio Federico found work in the USA and in 1996 moved to Saugus, MA. He entered school having forgotten how to read & write English, and followed a difficult year of relearning English and adjusting to American culture.

His passion for music came from his large family, who all listened to different styles. He could walk through each room in the house and each room would feel like a different culture.

He started learning guitar and dived into the local music scene. Bands like the Slurred Murrays, Dow Jones and the Industrials, Mr. Epps' Happy Kats, Jumpsuit Jery, Fetish Chicken, Roadkill Puppeteers, Rascal Kings, The Best of What's Left, Durge, Less Intake.

He joined Chris Brown in The Ochmoneks and played bass in the band. Also he made music with the rap groups Animals Sounds, and with John Greene in the NSC (New Suburban Crackers). Gigging around the Boston scenes of Allston & Cambridge.

It was here he met the local underground scene of Boston and the artists, intellectuals, and villains of the scene. He spent years roaming from bed to bed, and from park bench to bridge. His passion for DJing and film became apparent during this time. After coming across a book on Cult Movies and the performance of Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.

Proud to display his influences his favourite album is Piper At The Gates Of Dawn by Pink Floyd, and calling himself 'the melting pot of damned souls'.

Following immigration problems in the U.S he and his girlfriend Victoria Howard came back to live in the UK in 2006. His passion for cinema had not left him and he began work without any experience or budget on his feature film debut 'Black Biscuit' in 2009.

Deciding to cast an array of dreamers, misfits, homeless people, prostitutes, handicapped, S&M mistresses, gigolos, and an ex ping pong champion.

Shot on mobile phones, and children's cameras he faced among other things police harassment, unreliable computer problems, and people's miffed reaction's. The results were compelling and new. Creating Gutter Cinema and the PINK8 Manifesto.

To fund Black Biscuit and to get into his character, Federico became a life model. Black Biscuit's budget came to little over £500.

He spent 1 year filming and another year editing all the hours of footage shot across Europe. The editing process was done as an experiment. Edited under the sounds of exorcisms, blind folded, and under hypnosis. Completed in 2011 Federico set out on a DIY campaign to promote and distribute the film.