Elise Tak

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Pete Banich as barber Ivan Yakovlevich in ‘The Nose’, 2011 Digital 3 D Painting/Model/Sculpture, Glossy Archival C Print On Plexi And Aluminum 15x20” / 38x51 Cm © Elise Tak
Pete Banich as barber Ivan Yakovlevich in ‘The Nose’, 2011 Digital 3 D Painting/Model/Sculpture, Glossy Archival C Print On Plexi And Aluminum 15x20” / 38x51 Cm © Elise Tak
Roy Rebergen as major Kovalyov in ‘The Nose’, 2011 Digital 3 D Painting/Model/Sculpture, Glossy Archival C Print On Plexi And Aluminum 15x20” / 38x51 Cm © Elise Tak
Jeni Wright as Medubis in 'The Spirit of Saturn', 2011 Digital 3 D Painting/Model/Sculpture, Archival C Print (Framed) 23.5x21” / 60x52.5 Cm © Elise Tak
Good & Evil, 2011 Digital 3 D Painting/Model/Sculpture, Archival C Print (Framed) 23.5x16.7” / 60x42.3 Cm © Elise Tak
Michael Okada in 'Coup de Grace', 1994 Computer Painting, Digital Print 70.0 Cm, Breedte: 56.0 Cm © Elise Tak
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image manipulation, character animation, 3D modeling digital, 3D sculpture digital, pop, digital, figurative, conceptual

Elise Tak is a visual artist based in Brooklyn, New York, whose work celebrates the imagery and illusory world of cinema, while at the same time discussing and satirizing contemporary socio-political issues in an era dominated by a mass-media culture. Her visionary film stills and posters present the audience with scenes from films that turn out to be mere figments of imagination. Whereas in the movies real, living actors create an illusion, in Tak's work even the actors are 'faux verités'. There is an intricate and slightly confusing play between reality and fiction, between life and art. And there is a sense of fun and irony mostly absent from other conceptual work.

May 10, 11 and 12, 2013

Elise Tak + Tobias Tak show a preview of their collaborative work
'The Spirit of Saturn'

Elise Tak loves to work in both the 2D and 3D dimensions and to fuse the traditional media with modern CGI techniques. By continually experimenting with new techniques Elise Tak is striving to push her own artistic skill to new limits and in doing so has redefined the art of visually rich storytelling. She is a master drafts(wo)man, painter, 3D modeler, character rigger and digital painter and sculptor. Of course, she specializes in character creation.

Just like Dr Frankenstein meticulously built his creature, Elise Tak has created 10 world-famous actors, all absolute geniuses: Michael Okada, Thomas Kirby, Marian Xiao, Pete Banich, Forough Amirshahi, Marvin Dunbar, Jeni Wright, Roy Rebergen, Charlie Pep and Anita Carbajal

Elise Tak's work has been shown all over the world. She has had exhibitions in major museums and art institutes like Museum Boijmans van Beuningen (Rotterdam), Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam, Frans Hals Museum (Haarlem), Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art, Musée de Luxembourg (Paris), Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain (Strasbourg), FRAC Poitou-Charentes (Angoulème) and Le Consortium (Dijon) and GemeenteMuseum Helmond. In 1996 she was selected for a ‘Statement’ solo presentation at the Basel Art Fair.

Articles and reviews on Elise Tak have been published in leading newspapers and magazines like The New York Times, Flash Art, ART Das Kunst Magazin, NY Arts, Der Spiegel and Art Press.

Elise Tak has done several major Public Art commissions in the Netherlands, commissioned by leading institutes in this field like SKOR, Public Art Foundation in Amsterdam and Stroom Den Haag, center for art and architecture in The Hague. With these public art projects Elise Tak’s fiction has become part of reality. Real people are confronted with and interact with her imaginary movie actors.

In the multimedia field, Elise Tak made an animation short, 'Suicide Notes' (2006) in collaboration with Emmy-award winning composer Patricial Lee Stotter; she was the projection designer for the play 'Flashback', which had a run in a New York City theater in April 2007 and she made a series of stills illustrating Gogol's 'The Nose' included in the short film 'Here's What I Like... Russian Literature. And Now I'll Tell You Why' (2011), directed by Abigail Zealy Bess and written and conceived by Amy Staats.

Currently, Elise Tak is working on a collaboration with her brother Tobias Tak: 'The Spirit of Saturn': a fairy tale in which an astronaut (Charlie Pep) on a faraway planet might have an encounter with a creature who might be God (Jeni Wright) and who tells him of mankind's mortal misconceptions around divinity and mythology. This work will have a preview at the PooL Art Fair New York 2013.

At the same time Elise Tak is writing and illustrating the 60th anniversary issue of a fictive movie magazine, 'Double Illusion'. The book will be a catalogue with a retrospective of Tak's oeuvre supplemented with a host of new works and, at the same time, an artist book with the same manifold layers as the art of Elise Tak.

Elise Tak's work is included in many major collections, like Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen Rotterdam (NL), FRAC Poitou-Charentes (F), N.V. Koninklijke Bijenkorf Beheer KBB (NL), KPN Telecom Nederland (NL), Koninklijke/Shell Group (NL), GemeenteMuseum Helmond (NL), The Artimo Foundation (GB/NL) and in leading private collections all over the world (e.g. in USA, France, Italy, The Netherlands and Germany).