Jennifer Schumacher

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Mary, Jesus and John with Two Goldfinches, 2013 Acrylic 1.5x20x20 © 2013 Jennifer Schumacher
Baptism of Jesus, 2013 Acrylic 1.5x20x20 © 2013 Jennifer Schumacher
Annunciation, 6/2013 Acrylic 30x30x1.5 © 2013 Jennifer A Schumacher
The Mocking of Jesus, June 2013 Acrylic 20x20x1.5 © 2013 Jennifer A Schumacher
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University of Northern Iowa, BA ART
social issues, complex, Jennifer Schumacher, american, artist, surreal, mixed-media, pop, surrealism, modern, photography, figurative, conceptual
Renaissance Deconstructed

One must destabilize the traditional approach to seeing, (response) into a literal confining deconstruction.

Jennifer has spent her entire life deconstructing and reconstructing images. From her youth clipping old magic tricks and novelty catalogs to recently Italian Renaissance masterworks. 

It began with her father who, was an incredible artist. He worked for a newspaper doing graphic design, which was called composition back in the day. When she would get out of school she and her sister would go to the newspaper and hang out with their dad. He gave them clip art books to cut out of and draw.

His ability to see, create and invent really shaped her ability to see thing around us that are often unnoticed. What we thought was an acceptable view versus what we are really looking at.

Her images are juxtaposed from what appears, a more traditional instant interpreted emotion - narrative, with other images or text that on first glance may appear “out of place” or detached.

Images, words combined create the piece which is really emotions, subject matter – theme.