Vimal Chandran

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Blue bird Water Color On Paper. 13 X 10 Inches
Shadows Water Color On Paper 10x13inches
Inside Water Color On Paper 10x13inches
The caged bird Water Color On Paper 10x13inches
somewhere in between Water Color On Paper 10x13inches
Remembrance of a stolen spring Water Color On Paper 10x13inches
Untitled Water Color On Paper 10x13inches
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water colour painting painting, Water color, Water colors mixed-media

Born in 1984 in a humble town called Palakkad in Kerala,India, Vimal Chandran was always inclined towards the rich culture that India has to offer.He did his B.Tech from University of Calicut, Kerala. Although Vimal kept his Analytical mind active with his technical expertise, he always explored the art world to the finest detail that led the creative side of his mind to bloom.

The Artist

Vimal has always been influenced with fields ranging from political scenarios to that of elegant poetry. He believes that a single visual artwork can bring out vibrant emotions that may perhaps be explained in lengthy paragraphs. His various forms of artwork are rich in color thus being a treat to the eye while on the other hand has simple vivid strokes which parades a sense of simplicity. The vibrant colors he chooses adds an extra dimension to his art that makes it standout from the rest.Vimal works on vast mediums ranging from traditional paper to digital media thus making him a diverse and a distinctive artist.

The Photographer

Vimal has a rare eye for elegant details in daily life. He has mastered the art of freezing those wonderful moments through his Photography. His Photography includes various subjects ranging from Portraits to Conceptual. Vimal’s photographs depict the flavors of the rich traditions of his homeland that bring out the essence of his own life. His conceptual photography mainly aims at conveying a global message that his heart strongly believes in.

Currently he is working in bangalore,India