Jonas Burgert

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© Courtesy the Artist & Arndt-Partner
Still Gewinnt, 2008 Oil On Canvas © Courtesy the Artist & Arndt & Partner
blattriss, 2008 Oil On Canvas © Courtesy the Artist & Arndt & Partner
untitled, 2008 Oil On Canvas © Courtesy the Artist & Arndt & Partner, Berlin
Hitting Every Head, 2009 Oil On Linen 380 X 495 Cm, 149.72 X 195.03 Inches © Jonas Burgert
Täter , 2009 Oil On Canvas H: 220 X W: 200 Cm © Produzentengalerie Hamburg
Waffenschwestern , 2004 Oil On Canvas H: 300 X W: 280 Cm © Produzentengalerie Hamburg
Schergen , 2007 Oil On Canvas H: 430 X W: 550 Cm © Produzentengalerie Hamburg
Blendlauf , 2011 Oil On Canvas H: 240 X W: 280 Cm © Blain|Southern
Nachttrick, 2010 Oil On Canvas 120 X 100 Cm © Jonas Burgert
Scheuche, 2010 Oil On Canvas H: 220 X W: 200 Cm © Jonas Burgert
Blattschlaf, 2009 Oil On Canvas 240 X 300 Cm © Jonas Burgert
Nister, 2009 Oil On Canvas 110 X 100 Cm © Jonas Burgert
Vertrauter, 2008 Oil On Canvas 150 X 170 Cm © Jonas Burgert
O.T., 2008 Oil On Canvas 90 X 80 Cm © Jonas Burgert
Erschlichen, 2007 Oil On Canvas 180 X 160 Cm © Jonas Burgert
Staub, Stolz und Nichts, 2007 Oil On Canvas 300 X 440 Cm © Jonas Burgert
Fluchtversuch, 2006 Oil On Canvas 280 X 340 Cm © Jonas Burgert
Falscher, 2006 Oil On Canvas 240 X 220 Cm © Jonas Burgert
Treppenspringer, 2005 Oil On Canvas 240 X 220 Cm © Jonas Burgert
Ruckenakt, 2004 Oil On Canvas 160 X 140 Cm © Jonas Burgert
© Jonas Burgert & Arndt & Partner, Berlin
Suchtpuls II (still in progress) , 2012 Oil On Canvas 400 X 690cm © Courtesy of the artist & Blain|Southern Berlin
‘Ich sticht’ (‘Me Trumps’), 2011 © Courtesy of the artist & me Collectors Room Berlin
sticht , 2013 Oil On Canvas 220 X 180 Cm © Courtesy of the artist & Produzentengalerie Hamburg
Hell Schlaqt (Hell Speaks), 2013 Oil On Canvas 94 1/2 X 87 Inches © Emma Tamburlini
Kleiner Gegner , 2009 Oil On Cavas 60 X 50 Cm © Courtesy of the artist & DNA
Puls Führt, 2014 Oil On Canvas 240 X 280 Cm / (94½ X 110¼ In) © Courtesy of the Artist and Blain|Southern - London Hanover Square
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Blaine|Southern, Produzentengalerie Hamburg

Jonas Burgert is a German painter known for creating monumental works composed of figurative apparitions and dramatic contrasts of colour. Seemingly fluorescent areas glow amidst a backdrop of gray and pale hues, absorbing the spectator inside the canvas. What Burgert witnesses seems to be the drama of a new world order.

Burgert’s inspirations are multiple and derived from diverse ideologies and cultures. They come from post cards, literature or images of the Indian Holi Festival of Colours, or from the artist’s voyage to Egypt, where he visited the remnants of its ancient culture. Certainly, a major source of inspiration lies in art history. It has often been said that Burgert’s work picks up on strands of Late Renaissance thought, particularly the Mannerist’s love of the grotesque and the curious, of harsh and crass colour disparities and of an exaggerated, ‘unnatural’ style. Other notable inspirations are Hieronymus Bosch, Pieter Bruegel, El Greco, Tintoretto, Poussin and Max Beckmann.

Jonas Burgert Biography

1969 born in Berlin, Germany

1991 - 1996 MA Academy of Fine Arts (UdK), Berlin

1997 Student of the master class of Prof. Dieter Hacker

1998 - 2000 Scholarship (NaFög) UdK, Berlin, Germany

1998 - 2000 Scholarship, travel grant for Egypt

lives and works in Berlin

Selected Exhibitions

2011 Jonas Burgert, Kunsthalle Krems, Austria (forthcoming) (solo)

2010 Produzentengalerie, Hamburg, Germany (solo)

2010 Lebendversuch, Kunsthalle Tubingen, Germany (solo)

2010 Gewalten, Laden für Nichts, Leipzig, Germany

2009 Das Unheimliche, initiated by Kunst Magazin Berlin, Modulorhaus, Berlin, Germany

2009 Tomio Koyama Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2009 Jonas Burgert. Hitting Every Head. Haunch of Venison, London, UK (cat.) (solo)

2008 Zweiter Tag Nichts at MCA DENVER, Promenade Space, curated by Cydney Payton, USA

2008 Rubben – Booked for killing a policeman (Burgert, Meese, Volkmann), Laden für Nichts, Leipzig, Germany

2008 Jonas Burgert. Kopfschluss, Stadtgalerie Schwaz, Austria (solo)

2008 Jonas Burgert: Enigmatic Narrative, Victoria H. Myhren Gallery, University of Denver, USA (solo)

2008 Arndt & Partner, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin (solo)

2007 Strange Brew, curated by Wolfgang Schoppmann, Max Lang Gallery, New York, USA

2007 Weltempfänger, Galerie der Gegenwart/Kunsthalle Hamburg, Germany

2007 The Aggression of Beauty, Arndt & Partner, Berlin, Germany

2007 Rockers Island, Olbricht Collection, Folkwang Museum, Essen, Germany (cat.)

2007 Fullhouse – Malerei aus der Sammlung, Overbeck-Gesellschaft, Lübeck, Germany

2007 Wonderwall, curated by Anna-Catharina Gebbers, Tomio Koyama Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2007 The Teardrop explodes, Stadtgalerie Schwaz, Austria

2006 Produzentengalerie Hamburg, Germany (cat.) (solo)

2006 The Triumph of Painting Part VI, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK

2005 Rainbow; a painting show, Galerie Sfeir-Semler, Beirut, RL

2005 FRAKTALE IV, tod, Palast der Republik Berlin, Germany (cat.)

2005 Geschichtenerzähler, Hamburger Kunsthalle, Germany (cat.)

2005 Ratatouille, Galerie 20.21, Essen, Germany

2004 1. Berliner Kunstsalon, Arena Berlin, Germany (cat.)

2003 Biennale of Painting, Stockholm, Sweden (cat.)

2003 Das mystische Paradoxon in der Bildenden Kunst des 20. Jahrhunderts, Kunsthalle Erfurt, Germany (cat.)

2003 Dis-Positiv, Staatsbank Berlin, Germany

2002 Rohkunstbau, Stipendiaten, Berlin, Germany

2002 FRAKTALE III, Rohbau U Bahnhof Reichstag Berlin, Germany (cat.)

2002 IX Rohkunstbau, Wasserschloß Groß Leuthen, Germany (cat.)

2002 Hic et Nunc, Villa Manin Passariano, Italy (cat.)

2001 FRAKTALE II, Pfefferberg Berlin, Germany

2001 Nacht der Akademie, Academy of Fine Arts, Berlin, Germany

2000 Fraktale Exzerpt, Sophienhöfe Berlin, Germany

2000 Kunst am Bau, Lenze Forum, Hameln, Germany

2000 FRAKTALE I, Parochialkirche Berlin, Germany

1999 Junge Akademie, Academy of Fine Arts, Berlin, Germany (cat.)

1999 Founding of exhibition project FRAKTALE, Berlin, Germany

1998 Junge Akademie, Academy of Fine Arts, Berlin, Germany



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