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Graffiti Fetish, 2010 Spray Paint On Hoarding, London © Courtesy of the Artist
Heartfelt, 2010 Spray Painted Train Installation, London © Courtesy of the Artist
Success Somewhere Between Two Golden Sphincters, 2010 Painted Room, Model, Baby Oil/ London © Courtesy of the Artist
Looking for Love In All The Wrong Places, 2009 Chrome Fibreglass Sculpture, Paint Room/ London © Courtesy of the Artist
Ice heels, 2009 Sculpted Ice Room Installation At The Ice Hotel, Sweden © Courtesy of the Artist
Anything Goes when it comes to (s)hoes..., 2009 Elephant Dung High Heels, Tate Britain Chris Offili Retrospective, London © Courtesy of the Artist
Graffiti Fetish, 2011 Spray Paint, Belgium © Courtesy of the Artist
Exterior Gloss, 2011 Spray Paint On Wall, La © Courtesy of the Artist
Transparency>Gloss>Matt , 2011 Spray Paint On Perspex 75cm X 100cm © Courtesy of the Artist
Exploration of Sneaker Fetishism through Multiples, 2011 Spray Paint And Ink Of Canvas 120cm X 180cm © Courtesy of the Artist
Throw Up Spray Paint, Boy, Girl And Accessories Of A Success Modern Life © Courtesy of the Artist
BAS RELIEF TILE Cast Resin Tile, Candy Fleck Paint. Edition Of 9. 14″X14″ © Courtesy of the Artist
Quick Facts

INSA is a fine artist and designer who has established himself from a graffiti background through extensive street level work and gallery shows around the world. Throughout his career, INSA has allowed himself to explore different approaches and outlets for his artistic agenda, including designing signature collections for brands such as Kangol, Kid Robot and Oki-Ni, as well as starting his own heel company ‘INSA HEELS’. He has undertaken many private commissions for clients such as Sony and Nike and was recently invited out to Sweden as one of only two British artists to help curate and sculpt the 2008/2009 ICE hotel.

INSA’s canvases and installations are often hyper real, finely crafted creations in which sexual desire and commodity-fetishism merge and contrast. Always with a heavy sense of irony, INSA visually exaggerates the notion of objectification meets commodification with graphically depicted oversized body parts that are suspended in the controlled architectural lines of a sneaker or bold black and white graphic patterns. INSA uses these powerful patterns to play with and distort the spaces where his work is installed to entice the viewer into the ‘fantasy’; a shallow fantasy of materialistic aspiration where sexual objectification is flaunted as a symbol of wealth and success.


Solo Shows:

September 2010: High Heels and Low Lifes, Extrabold Gallery, Luxembourg
November 2009: New Works, Montana Galley, Lisbon, Portugal
July 2009: Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places, 1948, NIKE concept space, London
July 2008: Dirty Cash PartII, Disused Space, Commercial St, London
July 2008: Dirty Cash, Flawless Gallery, Bond St, London.
April 2008: Wants and Needs, Extrabold Gallery, Luxembourg
March 2007: Graffiti Fetish Project Gallery, Culver City, Los Angeles
December 2006: An Introduction to Sneaker Fetish Best, London
April 2006: Graffiti Fetish Classic Car Club, New York City
September 2005: Pink- Publicis, London
June 2005: Graffiti Fetish Best, London

Group Shows:

October 2009: Haters, Brighton
August 2006: Festival of Air Niketown, London
January 2006: On the Seventh Day Pimp, London
August 2005: Natural Selection Alsopp Contemporary, London
May 2005: A Few of our Favourite Fiends Stolenspace, London
March 2004: They Made Me Do It II Earlham St, London
December 2003: Splat 17, London
November 2003: Squat Differdange Town Hall, Luxembourg
July 2003: After Dark ICA, London
May 2003: Don’t Believe The Hype Dray Walk Gallery, London
October 2002: They Made Me Do It Dreambagsjaguarshoes, London
November 2001: Off the Wall Bearspace, London

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