Matt Kinney

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Frozen Carbon Chamber, March 2017 Foam Panels, Spray Paint, Found Object Industrial Waste 8' X 8' X 20" © Matt Kinney
Frozen Carbon Chamber
Intersections (image 1 of 2), 2017 Reclaimed Wood Joist, Steel I Beams, Paint, Maple Wood, Cast Resin, Arrows 12' X 8' X 10' © Matt Kinney
Intersections (image 2 of 2, gallery installation)
Panels (image 1 of 2), 2017 Torched Eps Foam, Cast Aluminum, Nine Panels 18" X 19" X 1 1/2" Each Panel © Matt Kinney
Panels (image 2 of 2)
As One (image 1 of 2), 2017 Assemblage With Found Objects; Foam And Tree Slice 48" X 48" X 18" © Matt Kinney
As One (image 2 of 2)
Blue Javelins, 2017 Assemblage With Metal Javelins And Split Cherry Wood Tree Trunk 12' X 6' X 2' © Matt Kinney
Red Javelins, 2017 Assemblage With Metal Javelins And Split Cherry Wood Tree Trunk 8' X 5' X 16 1/2" © Matt Kinney
Barrel , 2017 Stainless Steel, Beer Keg, Foam, Resin, Paint 36" X 48" X 20" © Matt Kinney
Interface, 2015 Cherry Wood 16" X 14" X 21" © Matt Kinney
Ink Fist, 2017 Digital Print On 20 Oz. Vinyl 6' X 8' © Matt Kinney
Pedestal, September 2017 Frp(Fiberglass,Resin) I Beams, Carpet, Tree 12' X 8' X 3' © Matt Kinney
Moving Composition(Video Still), 10/16/17 Wet Paint, Trash Bin, Cedar Wood Block, Plastic Drop Cloth, Plywood,Fiberglass I Beam 10' X 20' © Matt Kinney
Axe, 2015 Ebony Wood 19 1/2" X 6" X 1 1/16" © Matt Kinney
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Newburgh, NY

My recent sculptures explore a variety of materials and often combine found objects through a unique process of traditional woodworking techniques and contemporary painting and sculpting strategies. I juxtapose large scale scraps of timber with cultural detritus ranging from archaic weaponry to industrial trash, to create a vocabulary to build abstract narratives. I use this new language to explore the material and metaphysical tension between religion, human perception, and our relationship with the natural landscape.

For inspiration I draw from my observations on the state of our hybrid world. In my current work I engage a personal meditation on the outspoken Christian martyr, Saint Sebastian. It is said that in the 3rd century the
Roman emperor ordered Sebastian to be tied to a tree,
surrounded by archers, and filled with arrows. According to the legend, Sebastian miraculously lived through the assault, and later publicly criticized the emperor for his cruelties. In several of my works, the wood remnants and cast-offs become surrogates for Sebastian. They represent the resilient remains of organic matter and are precisely pierced with weapons of power and aggression. 



Matt Kinney (b. 1970) is a sculptor working in Newburgh, NY. Born in Georgetown, Massachusetts, Kinney attended Pratt Institute as well as the School of the Museum of Fine Arts to study painting. He moved to the Hudson Valley in 2003 and in 2006 transitioned from painting to sculpture.

Kinney previously worked at art foundries in their sand departments as well as in the construction industry. This is reflected in his studio work, which often references the production of the constructed world around us. While his narrative references are varied, his practice is recognizable through his use of manipulated organic material transformed into deliberate provocations. Kinney also often uses the palette of the natural world to explore form and subject.


2017           Hudson Beach Gallery, Blackbird Sings at Twilight, Beacon, NY


2017           AEG Underground, Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York, NY

                         Space Create, Newburgh, NY

                   Chris Davison Gallery, Newburgh, NY

2016          Pelham Art Center, Pelham, NY

2015           Beacon 3D, Beacon, NY

                  Ann Street Gallery, Newburgh, NY

2014           Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, Cutlog, New York, NY

                  Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, Kunsthalle, Beacon, NY

                  Ethan Cohen presents: Public Art, Kunsthalle, Beacon,NY

2013           Crotch, outdoor project Space, Beacon, NY

                  Matteawan Gallery, The UV Portfolio, Beacon, NY

                  Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, Sharper Image: Part II at art STRAND, Provincetown, MA

                  Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, Sharper Image, New York, NY

2012           Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, Scope Miami, FL

                  WAAM Far and Wide4th Annual Woodstock Regional, Woodstock, NY

2010           Gallery G, Guises of Wood, Beacon, NY

2009          Collaborative Concepts, Saunders Farm, Garrison, NY

                  Vanbrunt gallery, Habitat for Artists, Beacon, NY  

2008          Go North, Abstract Endeavors, Beacon, NY

                   Habitat for Artists, Spire Studios, Beacon, NY

2007           Vanbrunt gallery, Hudson 3, Beacon, NY                                                                                                                          

                   Collaborative Concepts, Saunder’s Farm, Garrison, NY                                                                            

2006           Vanbrunt gallery, Song of the Earth, Beacon, NY                                                                                                    

2005           BAU 11: Highland Paths, Beacon, NY

                   Garnerville Arts and Industrial Center, Via Beacon, Garnerville, NY

2004           Germaine Keller Gallery, New Territory, Garrison, NY

2003           Cross Street Gallery, Saugerties, NY

2000           Front Room Gallery, South Portland, ME