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Hello ArtSlant Team,
Thank you for your comment, nice hearing from you. Andrzej
Comment by: Andrzej Rafalowicz on Saturday 09/08/12 at 1:33 AM
Art Slant has done an excellent job of covering art throughout the world. but you must cover India much more since the country is unity in diversity, different languages, religions, culture, different traditions. more exposer to the world through indian art, like traditional tanjore paintings, photography etc. All the best for 2011.
Comment by: M Lokeswara Rao on Saturday 01/08/11 at 9:16 AM
A new method of sculpting the wall.
A new method of sculpting the wall. Wall sculpturing art is a subject to fixed standards and measurements but here our artist has another imagination where he used thickness not exceed than one centimeter with different width and heights. Here creativity appears because it transmits the viewer to a live wall sculpturing through the reflected light on work, so it gives unreal deepness (sight Illusion). The artist used this new technique that was originated by nature since 1982 in his earliest shape until it reached spontaneously to what it is now. To see my art work visits my website: Email: AHMED SHALABY Jesus / MDF wood / 25*35*0.6 cm Horses struggle / MDF wood /60*120*1 cm Love and tender / MDF wood /90*100*1 cm
Comment by: AHMED SHALABY ArtSpan on Friday 11/20/09 at 5:48 AM
I e-mailed my list ... what do you think?
Comment by: Diane Perry on Thursday 09/17/09 at 1:34 AM
i can get you started with a list of Edinburgh galleries, museums etc. if that will help.
Comment by: Diane Perry on Tuesday 08/25/09 at 8:19 PM