Samantha Lewin

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Sexual Doilie, December 2011 Airbrush, Oil Paint On Fabric 4' Diameter © Samantha Pearl Lewin
Innocent Fun Inkjet On Vinyl 11'' X 14'' © Samantha Pearl Lewin
Existentail Placemats [Installed], March 2011 Pen, Ink, Adhesive On Vinyl 16'' X 10'' Each
Quick Facts
Washington University in St. Louis, 2011, BFA Painting
mixed-media, pop, installation, figurative

Having a consciousness can feel isolative. The few capacities in this world for connection, the coded approximations at communication we call language, can expose themselves as staid compared to the enduring confines of individualism. But what is the alternative? To forget oneself in an ideology, in a person, in routine? Art for me becomes the only way to attempt transcendence of these options, to toe the line between living neurotically or without self-awareness. Artistic expression seems to me the only way to honor the complexity of the self, to illustrate and confront sincerity by communicating the totality of experience with work that confesses the hours and ambiguity fundamental to its conception- rather than relying on plain language to invoke the whole-bodyness of perception. Through my own renderings, often the human form against various backdrops of collaged personal possessions, my work becomes a place where I express a hunger, a desperation, an understanding or a lack-there-of accompanied by the uncertainties evident in the imperfect human hand and mind. The result can look messy, my craft impatient, and my eyes untrained. But I like to think of it as individualized organization. Glitches in alignment and botched lines and arcs all tell the story of an idiosyncratic self trying to function in a society of systems. Unavoidably the self is influenced by external conditioning but it is through this continued realization and admission that one escapes their tyranny.


Born January 8th 1990, Samantha Pearl Lewin grew up on the outskirts of Manhattan in a Jewish suburb of the Bronx. Like most children, she exhibited frequent impulses to create and her continual drawing was never discouraged. Art-making in front of the TV became a daily hobby and Art-kits, the staple of her holiday gifts.

By 2005 she had been in her first show, an exhibition of student work at the Jewish Museum in New York City. And By 2007 she had published her first autobiographical work entitled “Finding Myself in Utah” in Hudson Press’s RED: The Book. She went on to exhibit artwork at her schools, small group shows, and throughout her undergraduate education. Some of these include a culmination of undergraduate work at her Senior BFA Show in May 2011, Artificial Symmetry at Des Lee Gallery in St. Louis, MO, April 2011, Hormone Collusion, as an exhibiting artist and co-curator also in St. Louis , and various other organized and guerilla style shows.

In 2011 she graduated from the esteemed Washington University in St. Louis with a BFA in painting and went on to attend a five month-long artist residency program in San Francisco, CA. From the work she created up until the end of the program, she materialized Ladylike; her first solo show, at CELLspace’s Gallery in San Francisco’s Mission district. Currently, Samantha Pearl Lewin resides in San Francisco and is showing with the Spacecraft artist collective. She continues her practice and enduring curiosity about the personal vs. inter-personal experience all the while harnessing her observations into literary and artistic works. Whether instructive or destructive, she will always credit the results of experimentation with a large part of education and success.

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