christopher lissner

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Runaway Lancia, 1993 Oil On Canvas 30x36 © christopher lissner
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University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
California State University, Long Beach

"They say that folks born in the middle of a century have, if they make it, difficulty adjusting to the following century.  If I fall into that category it's because my hazily-remembered mid-20th century was so extraordinary.  For me, it evokes more emotion and hope than this one.  Its overused ideas are so puissant that they ultimately become the real thing.  My reasons for going there (brush, oil and paint in hand)  far outstrip its truths.  The intensity of its feeling multiplies each time. Through these Los Angeles gothic, preternatural, filmic images, I'm able to re-connect with the person in me that I enjoy the most and can't always be."

Christopher Lissner is an artist and writer living in Los Angeles.

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