Iana Gaidarski Harris

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Hudson River IV (fisher of men)(лодка-lodka)(bateau), 2011 Oil On Canvas 30'' X 16'' © Iana Gaidarski
you already know (ya lo sabes), 2011 Oil 22 X 15 '' (56 X 38cm) © Iana Gaidarski
how it ends (lo terminare), 2011 Oil On Canvas 60 X 48 '' (153 X 122 Cm) © Iana Gaidarski
hudson river n.2: the way it is, 2011 Oil 22 X 15 '' (56 X 38cm) © Iana Gaidarski
hudson river n. 3: a place in the sun, 2011 Oil 22 X 15 '' (56 X 38cm) © Iana Gaidarski
hudson river n.24: duration, 2011 Oil 22 X 15 '' (56 X 38cm) © Iana Gaidarski
absolute, 2011 © Iana Gaidarski
time trumps space, 2011 © Iana Gaidarski
Newtonian Time, 2011 © Iana Gaidarski
Einstein's Relativity, 2011 © Iana Gaidarski
the mountain has collapsed (лавина-lavina= avalanche), 2011 Oil 22 X 15 '' (56 X 38cm) © Iana Gaidarski
hudson river n.1: the mountain has overturned (Притури са Планината=Prituri sa planinata) , 2011 Oil 22 X 15 '' (56 X 38cm) © 2011
hudson river n.40: set, set sun (Зајди, зајди=zaidi zaidi) , 2011 Monoprint 22 X 15 '' (56 X 38cm) © Iana Gaidarski
hudson river n. 5: лавина ii, 2011 Monoprint Oil 22 X 15 '' (56 X 38cm) © Iana Gaidarski
hudson river n.7, 2011 Oil On Paper 22 X 15 '' (56 X 38cm) © Iana Gaidarski
Quick Facts
Stanke Dimitrov, Bulgaria
Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas, B.A. in Fine Art
Universitario Ortega y Gasset, Madrid, Spain
Representing galleries
The Mine Gallery
mixed-media, landscape, photography, conceptual


artist statement

Time trumps space.

Time is expansive, universal, solar systemic, terrestrial, biological, individual, relative, philosophical, and religious; and yet, it is perceived as inexorably limiting. Time is the most precisely measured physical entity, and yet its fundamental existence is debatable. 

Through my work, I investigate a concept of time, hypothesized as dance between presence and absence. I continue to explore the intricate formal and informal paradoxical qualities of time through studies of landscapes, light, and movement. I paint timescapes, spaces with past and past present events.

Through mysterious color and composition, my timescapes absorb the viewer, recreating the sublime effect that nature deploys for many of us. I hope my abstracted landscapes function as burning stars, distant mountains, or every sunset to remind the viewer of his size, place, and time in the universe. My paintings penetrate, but are impenetrable. They push and pull, but demand stillness. They combine sky, land, and water, but often disappear along the edges.


Born in Stanke Dimitrov, Bulgaria, a town that no longer exists, and as daughter of doctors who escaped communism for opportunity in America, Iana observed early to live is to change.

Today, Iana Gaidarski paints regionally, nationally and internationally in places such as Los Angeles, New York, New Mexico, Dallas, Florence, and Madrid. The experiences remind the artist that beauty is discovery, and that landscape is a powerful, global communicator.

"I paint because (like my relatives) I want to help people. I don't know how to achieve this, but I’m definitely going to try. I poet once told me, the key to living is knowing what to pay attention to.  I never forgot. This is the true reason I paint."


Known for her abstracted landscapes, Iana has been featured in various solo and group exhibitions in gallery and museum spaces, including Dallas Museum of Art.

Iana's most recent exhibition was in Jan & Feb 2012, 9 Powerful Artists in the Year of the Dragon, at TanKoi, Laguna Beach. The group exhibit included artists: Fitz Maurice, Negin Rod, Airom Bleicher, Iana Gaidarski, Susan Moss, Stuart Rapeort, Gloria Fickling, Marilynn Young and Joseph Scrofani.


Iana Gaidarski has a solid background in modern and contemporary art through formal classes and world travels, dealing with the philosophical and the practical to understand the nature of the art (and the life) that our society produces and values. Iana holds a Southern Methodist University, Meadows B.A. in Fine Art in Painting, cum laude. Her work demonstrates love for Impressionist ideals and Abstract Expressionist applications, yet the work is distinctly Iana's.

Ianas Hudson River sails us into the sublime.


Iana has donated her art & exhibited work on behalf of public health, raising money for organizations such as Mental Health of America and the Diabetes Friendly Foundation. 

Iana Angelova Gaidarski

"Accidents are beautiful because they are honest and interesting. Accidents have a story."

"I am a natural explorer, eager to discover and adapt to new places, and ideas. I live happily in constant vuelta, which in Spanish means turn, sometimes in a dance." 

"The key to living well is knowing what to pay attention to."

"I paint timescapes, abstracted landscapes with past and present events located together in space."


award winner

        Hudson River IV (лодка) is pronounced lodka, bulgarian for boat.

        alternative international titles:

               Hudson River IV (Fisher of Men)

               Hudson River IV (Pescador de Hombres)

               Hudson River IV (Barka)

               Hudson River IV (Bateau)

               Hudson River IV (Pope John Paul II Favorite)