Kerianne Connor

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Frequency, 2008 Acrylic, String And Zinc Nails On Canvas 79" X 51" © Kerianne Connor
San Francisco, 2008 Acrylic, String And Zinc Nails On Canvas 40" X 37" © Kerianne Connor
Paris, 2008 Acrylic, String And Zinc Nails On Canvas 69" X 24' © Kerianne Connor
Pool in Palm Springs, 2008 Acrylic, And Ceramic Tile On Canvas 39" X 39" © Kerianne Connor
Pod, 2008 Acrylic And Silk On Linen 29" X 29" © Kerianne Connor
Aunt Betty, 2008 Acrylic, Clear Vinyl, String And Copper Nails On Canvas 70" X 18" © Kerianne Connor
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Los Angeles
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Los Angeles
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), 2005, BA in Fine Art

Kerianne Connor is a contemporary abstract artist residing in Los Angeles. Connor graduated from the School of Art at UCLA in 2005 with a Bachelors degree in Art with concentrations in photography, sculpture, and painting. Under the supervision of contemporary artists Catherine Opie [photography], Adrian Saxe [sculpture], and Bart Exposito [painting], she sharpened her skills as a fine artist by coupling rigorous conceptual studio classes with an appreciation for integrating design and mathematics into her artwork.  
            Connor’s work combines sculpture, painting, and design blurring the traditional strict separation between the genres of Design and Fine Art. Her work reflects the views of a younger generation that has grown up alongside the prominence of design in their everyday lives, from the inclusion of design elements into architectural forms created by Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Geary, and Isamu Noguchi to the importance of design in the making of modern urban landscapes. Connor continually engages with bridging the separation between Design and Fine Art and questions their intertwined relationship. She subtly compels her viewers to consider this relationship through her multi-dimensional and mixed medium works as they seamlessly combine elements of popular and emblematic designs with the fine art of sculpture and painting. 
            Sharp edges, block colors, and calculated rows of stretched strings raised against severed canvases are characteristic of Connor’s current body of work.  Employing multiple canvases of different size allows Connor to use negative space to connect and highlight her exploration of space and modern geography. The pieces themselves are inspired by urban spaces including malls, bridges, and subway maps. The works themselves appear to map the locations they reflect; in her piece “Paris,” she focuses on the routes of transportation through the city such as subways, waterways, and bridges and underscores the cities urban identity. Additionally, she adds an organic element to her canvases by creating curves and grids through the use of only straight lines. By representing contemporary landscapes through abstract works, she successfully recognizes, acknowledges, and brings to the surface for viewers the importance of the dialogue, relationship, and interconnectivity between design, form, and function.

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