Aglaia Mortcheva

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Night Monsters Digital Illustration © Aglaia Mortcheva
Rain Bunnies Digital Illustration © Aglaia Mortcheva
Mushroom Monsters Digital Illustration © Aglaia Mortcheva
Black Cat Digital Illustration © Aglaia Mortcheva
Alien Bunnies Digital Illustration © Aglaia Mortcheva
White Rabbit Digital Illustration © Aglaia Mortcheva
Quick Facts
Sofia, Bulgaria
Lives in
Los Angeles
Works in
Los Angeles
Representing galleries
gallery mixed-media, pop, modern, digital

Aglaia was born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria.

At age 3 she believed aliens would come to Earth very soon.

At age 4 she wanted to be a garbage collector.

At age 5 she was convinced she was adopted.

At age 6 she became a child movie star and started sleeping with her feet on her pillow.

At age 7 she wanted to learn how to draw so she doesn’t have to study math.

At 14 she decided to become an artist so she doesn’t have to wake up early.

At age 26, tired of waiting for aliens, she build a hot air balloon and came to Los Angeles, where she currently lives, works and hangs upside down from trees.

Aglaia is an animator, painter, illustrator, character designer and voice actress.

She has animated for South Park, designed characters for many cartoons and illustrated children’s books. She also plays Vendetta, the green villain from Making Fiends.

She enjoys painting gloomy children and creepy creatures while watching television.

She shows her art in numerous galleries around Los Angeles.

She has the right to own a gun.