Susannah Martin

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Fräulein, 2010 Oil On Canvas 100cm X 150 Cm © Susannah Martin
C-Section, 2009 Oil On Canvas 120cm X 180cm © Susannah Martin
Gatherers, 2011 Oil On Canvas 110cm X 180cm © Susannah Martin
Descent, 2012 Pastell On Paper 70cm X 120cm © Susannah Martin
River, 2009 Pastell On Paper 70 Cm X 110cm © Susannah Martin
Morning Swim, 2012 Oil On Canvas 50 Cm X 70 Cm © Susannah Martin
Gorge, 2012 Oil On Canvas 130 Cm X 130cm © Susannah Martin
Amazon, 2011 Acrylic On Paper 70 Cm X 110 Cm © Susannah Martin
Crossing, 2010 Oil On Canvas 140cm X 290 Cm © Susannah Martin
Shepherd, 2012 Oil On Canvas 140 Cm 260cm © Susannah Martin
Liebesgarten, 2010 Oil On Canvas 90cm X 140cm © susannah Martin
Qualm, 2010 Pastell On Paper 105 Cm X 105cm © Susannah Martin
Threeplusone, 2009 Acrylic On Paper 50 Cm X 70cm © Susannah Martin
Abschied, 2012 Oil On Canvas 50 Cm X 100cm © Susannah Martin
Aufstieg, 2010 Acrylic On Paper 60 Cm X 100cm © Susannah Martin
Give up Your Drugs, 2012 Acrylic On Paper 80cm X 110cm © susannah Martin
Visit with Uncle Albrecht, 2012 Oil On Canvas 31cm X 41 Cm © Susannah Martin
Roejan Creek , 2011 Acrylic On Paper 70cm X 100cm © Susannah Martin
Quick Facts
New York City
Birth year
Lives in
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Works in
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
New York University (NYU), 1986, BS
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nudes, figurative

Artists Statement

A few years ago, expanding my repertoire of painting people , I decided to take up the traditional theme of the nude in landscape. My first point of interest was to treat this subject in a contemporary manner by using , for example, a more "photographic" technique of cropping in my compositions as well as strong contrasts of light and "snapshot" or random gestures more typical of photography than of painting. At the same time I am attempting to maintain a tie to the long tradition of the painted nude as an art form through my use of classical painting techniques.

The second and perhaps more important point of interest in persuing this theme is its relevance in our current de-humanized society. I am interested in drawing attention to our relationship to our own bodies in particular and to nature in general. The increasingly disturbed relationship between man and nature is at present what is behind the greatest threats to our well being, as well as our future existence. I have been quite surprised by many peoples discomfort with this work and I believe, considering the long history of the nude as an art form, that this discomfort reflects a lack of balance indicative of our times. I would like to encourage people to be aware of that lack of balance and discomfort and possibly to reflect on the causes of it.

Why must the people be nude? The main reason why I have stripped the people of their clothes is so that I may remove all social indicators such as status, culture, political positions, etc., and exclusively confront the human being in his essential animal form, where he is in fact closest to nature. Likewise I have stripped them of their civilized environment, house, furniture, car, etc. in favour of their original environment. Every article of clothing, accessory, object that we acquire as good consumers, contributes to our idea of identity which we use as a type of protection . Our " stuff " allows us to feel as if we were more than what we really are; mortals . While the stuff may distract us comfortably from our mortality it also defines and separates us from one another. It is the things that we all share, what we have in common, which bring us closer to one another, not our differences. What we all share is our physical presence on this earth, our mortality, and our collective consciousness. That is what I wish to focus on in my work.


Born in New York City,    U.S.A.



Studied at New York     University, N.Y. U.S.A.


Bachelor of Science, Majoring in Painting


Recipient ; SEHNAP   Scholarship Award


Studied under: John Kacere, Louise Lawler, Sherrie Levine, Peter Campus











since 1994




since 2004



Employment at Sandro La Ferla Backdrops, Inc., New York City, U.S.A.

( Scenic and Mural Painting)


Self employment as scenic and mural artist, New York City,U.S.A.


Moved to Germany, Berlin


Self employment as scenic and mural artist, Berlin


Self employment as scenic and mural artist, Frankfurt am Main


Birth of daughter Lilian


Return to independent figurative painting and portraiture

Solo Exhibitions








Galerie Stephan   Stumpf,  „ Susannah Martin- Primordial   Tourists „ München, Germany


Gallery Schiefenhöfel-Barthel,   Eschborn, Deutschland

„Kinder und andere   Menschen“, Portraits


Group Exhibitions

















































Galerie Stephan   Stumpf, „ Figurative Malerei“, München, Germany


Dacia Gallery „ Reflections“, New     York, N.Y., USA


Project 30, February Exhibition


Monmouth Museum, “ 33rd Juried Competition”, New Jersey, USA


Infinity Gallery, “ Lay of the Land- the Terrain in the 21st   Century”,

Los     Angeles, CA, USA


Galerie Fishpiece,   Zürich, Switzerland

„Morgeluft und schöne   Maitli“


Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, U.S.A.

“ NUDE 3”


Gallery Soft-Spot,    New York, U.S.A.

“ Alive “


Galerie Marzia Frozen, Berlin, Germany

„ Groß Berlin –   2011“ 


ARTPARIS, Grand   Palais, Paris

Saatchionline Top 128


Galerie Stephan   Stumpf, München, Germany

“ Die Verführkraft   schöner Kunst”


The Monmouth Museum,    New Jersey, U.S.A.

“ 32nd Annual Exhibition”


Clatsop     Art Center Gallery, Oregon,    U.S.A.

“ Au Naturel – The Nude in the 21st Century”


Museo Civico di Alatri, Alatri,    Italy

„ Contemporary Proposals for Young Collectors“


Künstlerverein   Walkmühle,Wiesbaden, Germany

“in between-die Kunst,   erwachsen zu werden”


The Hoyt National Drawing and Painting Show

The Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts, Pennsylvania,   U.S.A.


Emerging Artists, Loeb Galleries, New York, N.Y., U.S.A.


Small  Works, Juried Competition

Washington Square Galleries,   New York, N.Y., U.S.A.


Awards   and Prizes


2012                   AW Year in Review International   Competition, Finalist


2011                  The Monmouth Museum, 32nd Annual Juried Exhibition

                          Juror:   Marion Crzesiak, Director Visual Arts   Center of New Jersey

                           1 Place   Juror Award


2009                  Artistwindow, Juried   Competition „ Faces“, 1. Prize Winner



































































INDA 6, International Drawing Annual, Manifest Press, Cincinnati, USA


Masters of Realistic Imagery, Art Domain Verlag, Leizig, Germany


Best of Worldwide Portrait + Fugurative Artists Volume 2,

Kenndedy     Publishing, Virginia, USA


Creative Quarterly-Journal of Art and Design- CQ 26, Charles Hively,

New York,    USA


INPA, International Painting Annual, Manifest Press, Cincinnati, USA


SCOPE Art Fair, AW Year in Review 2011, New York, USA



Manifest Press, “ INPA 2, International Painting Annual”,

Cincinnati,    U.S.A.


World Wide Art Books, „ International Contemporary Masters V“

Despina Tunberg, Los   Angeles, U.S.A.


Ulrich Goette   Himmelblau, Art Domain Verlag, Leipzig, Germany

„Who´s Who in Visual Art – Vol 2012-2013 „


Saatchi Online Magazine, June

„Interview with Susannah Martin“


Express Cincinnati,   “ Take it off `Nude´at Manifest Gallery”

Fran Watson, 10 September


Women Drawing Women, Online Exhibition, July


Architects and Artisans, “ Looking out for the Unknown Artist”,

J.Michael Welton, July


Manifest Press, “ Nude 3” Catalogue, September



Humanitari Magazine, “ Art of the Week by Susannah Martin”,

Leandro Sanchez, July 1


Erik Buchheister, Art   Profil,             

„Susannah Martin:   Spiegelung des Menschen“  April


Alexandra Heil, AVA   Magazine,

“ Interview mit   Susannah Martin- Die Zukunft der Kunst” April


Kim Julia Fuge, Artist   Window, Titel

“ Susannah Martin: Gewinnerin   Faces Kunstwettbewerb” Oktober


Dr.Anja   Cherdron-Modig, In Between, Die Kunst Erwachsen zu Werden,

Ausstellungskatalogue,   Mai


Grit Weber, Frankfurter   Allgemeine Zeitung,

„ In Between, Die   Kunst Erwachsen zu Werden“, Mai 28


Ernst Wegener, Frankfurter   Allgemeine Zeitung,

„Die Keltenfurst hält   Wieder Hof, Schirn Kunsthalle“ re: Kulisse von Susannah Martin, Mai 19



Julie V.Iovine, New York Times,

“Bunnies are out, Biedermeier is in- New Masters of Mural Painting”

Feb. 12


Selected Mural Projects

( see also   )



SEB Asset Management,   Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Commerzbank   Grundbesitz Investmentgesellschaft mbH, Wiesbaden, Germany

Schufa AG, Wiesbaden,   Germany

Bethmann Bank,   Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Sparkassen   Versicherung, Wiesbaden, Germany

Cafe Gallileo Galilea, Hofheim,    Germany

Museum Höchst AG,   Frankfurt, Germany

La Casa del Habano,   Frankfurt, Germany

Märchenwelt   Kinderzimmer, Frankfurt,Germany

Nardini Boutique,   Berlin, Germany

Motorola   GmbH,Taunusstein, Germany

Restaurant Stella del   Mare, Königswinter, Germany

Restaurant Giardinetto,   New York City, U.S.A.

Schmidt´s Papeterie,   Frankfurt, Germany

Claudia Seltzer Haar   Design, Frankfurt, Germany

Evangelische Mathäus   Gemeinde, Rüsselsheim, Germany

M.Schultz Werbeagentur   AG, Frankfurt,Germany

Restaurant Joe Champs,   Frankfurt Germany

Mr. and Mrs. Mathew Bronfman, New     York City, U.S.A.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Burden, New     York City, U.S.A.  

Mr. and Mrs. William Aeder, New     York City, U.S.A.

Karin und Nils   Thompson, Königstein, Germany

Norbert und Bettina   Guthier, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Margarete Childs, New York City, U.S.A.

Selected Private   Collections


Lina und Klaus Banke,   Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Janet and James Wilson,    New Jersey, U.S.A.  

Nicole und Henning Heuerding, Frankfurt     am Main, Germany

Simone Draxler, Frankfurt am     Main, Germany

Norah Burden, New York City, U.S.A.

Joshie Jamada, Tokyo,   Japan

Cornelia Sengpiel und   Hermann Prelle, Bad Soden, Germany

Alessandra und Patrick   Hild, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Anke und Robert   Koschitz, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Wibke Rumpf, Frankfurt   am Main, Germany

Cecile und Kevin   McGowan, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Hemma und Roland Götz,   Recklingsen, Germany

Ali und Suzanne   Jafari, Frankfurt, Germany

Petra Isenbeck, Hamm,   Germany

Selected Set Design Projects ( see also

                          Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt,Germany

                         Madbox Filmtrick Gmbh, Frankfurt, Germany

                         Kleine Oper Bad Hamburg, Germany

                         Neue Sentimental Film GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany

                         Frankfurt Film, Frankfurt, Germany

                         U5 Filmproduktion, Frankfurt, Germany

                         RTL, Hamburg, Germany

                         Der Spiegel, Hamburg, Germany

                         Bilfinger Berger, Mannheim, Germany

                         Frankfurter Allgemeine Magazine, Frankfurt, Germany

                         Blum und Ufer Werbeagentur, Frankfurt, Germany

                         Ogilvy Werbeagentur, Frankfurt, Germany

                         Michael Conrad und Leo Burnett, Werbeagentur, Frankfurt, Germany

                         Young und Rubicam Werbeagentur, Frankfurt, Germany

                         Wirz und Hafner Werbeagentur, Frankfurt, Germany

                         B+B Promotions, Mannheim, Germany

                         Das Werk, Frankfurt, Germany               

                         Das Projekt, Hofheim, Germany


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