Roger Leege

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Light Space Modulator, 2016 Photomontage, Rephotography, Wacom Paint 20 X 20 Inches © Roger Leege, 2016
News To Me, 2016 Rephotography, Photomontage, Wacom Paint 20 X 30 Inches © Roger Leege, 2016
Lilin, 2014 Photography, Digital Painting, Rephotography © Roger Leege, 2014
But I Remember Mamet's Camel, 2016 Montage, Photocopy, Digital Painting Variable © Roger Leege
Jumping at Shadows, 2016 Rephotography, Photomontage, Wacom Paint 3000 X 3000 Px © Roger Leege
737, 2014 Photomontage, Digital Painting Variable © 2014
Rio Dolorosa, 2012 Digital Dye Print 11 In. X 11 In. © Roger Leege, 2012
Independence Day, 2012 Digital Pigment Print 8.5 X 8.0 © 2012, Roger Leege
When She Was Good, 2013 Digital Dye Print 17.5 X 13.5 © 2013, Roger Leege
Myakka Palmetto, 2012 Photography 13 X 9 © Roger Leege
First Responder, 2015 Photography 14 X 11 Inches © Roger Leege, 2015
Cheers, 2014
Altoona Sheetz, 2016 Photomontage, Rephotography, Wacom Paint © Roger Leege, 2016
Canadians With Raven, 2015 Photomontage, Rephotography, Wacom Paint © Roger Leege, 2015
Deb Season, 2017 Photomontage, Rephotography, Wacom Paint © Roger Leege, 2017
Flight Plan, 2017 Photomontage, Wacom Paint © Roger Leege, 2017
In Situ, 2017 Photograph © Roger Leege, 2017
Selene, 2017 Photomontage, Wacom Paint © Roger Leege, 2017
Sinagua Story, 2017 Photomontage, Wacom Paint © Roger Leege, 2017
Sihuanaba, 2017 Photomontage, Wacom Paint © 2017
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Lives in
Goddard College, BA
Goddard College Graduate Program, MA
digital photography photomontage mixed-media
Statement / Bio / CV

My aesthetic approach is simple.  I'm with Paul Klee, who said, "One eye sees, the other feels."  I'm also with Cecil Beaton, who said, "I want to make photographs of elegant women taking the lipstick off their teeth." 

I draw on my training (BA, MA, Goddard College) and past as a lawn boy, meat cutter, storyteller, trucker, EMT, poet, carpenter, bass player, painter, embalmer’s assistant, printmaker, analog photographer, journalist,  videographer, dissident,  educator, computer scientist, and Florida man, to picture "the different outcome."

Recent Exhibitions and Juried Selections:  
Museum of Computer Art, Permanent Collection
Amanda Smith Gallery, "Gardens"'
LIMN Literary and Arts Journal,  "Selected Images"
Exhibitions Without Walls, "The Human Experience"
Light, Space & Time, "Botanicals"
Tampa Museum of Art, "Five by Five"
The Darkroom Gallery (VT), "Photography by Design"
Black Box Gallery, "Photo Salon"
Silver Eye Gallery (Pittsburgh), "8X8"
Lenscratch, "Backyard"
Lenscratch, "Mysteries, Dreams, and Other Worlds"

The Artists News, July 2013 (feature)

Gulf Coast Art Directory, "The Human Side"
Words and Images 2014, University of Maine
After Nyne Magazine (UK),  Featured Artist, interview
Deep Water Literary Journal, 2014, "Loss"
Black Box Gallery, "Portraiture: Through the Lens"
Gulfstream Literary Magazine, Issue II, Spring 2014
Miracle Magazine (UK), Issue 9:  CAGE, June, 2014
Tupelo Quarterly, Issue 4, 2014
Uno Kudo magazine, Volume 4, 2014
Fogartyville Community Media and Arts Center, Fall, 2014, "Hair"
The Gambler Mag, Winter, 2014, "The House Wins Again"

Subterranean Quarterly, Winter, 2015
Lime Hawk Journal, January, 2015
(em): A Review of Text and Image, Issue #3, 2015
Ascent (Concordia College), May, 2015

CAGO, 2015 Print Anthology
Control Literary Magazine, Issue 5, August, 2015
Die Angst, (Berlin), October, 2015

Vimfire Magazine, Fall, 2015
Graffiti Canons Gallery, Robert Paterson:Composer, 2016
Oddball Magazine (Boston), 2015, 2016
Berkeley (UC) Fiction Review, Issuse #36, May, 2016

Marie Selby Gardens, May, 2016
1 : 1000, "Stories To Be." May, 2016
Stirring:A Literary Collecction, June, 2016
Der Greif (Augsburg), Issue 9, 2016
805 Lit + Mag, Spring, 2017
The Icarus Anthology, Summer, 2017
Claudius Speaks, "Buried" May, 2017
Seethingography, "Going Home", Spring 2017