Dionisis Christofilogiannis

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capitalizing, oil on canvas, 200x180cm, collaboration Nikos Charalambidis @ Dionisis Christofilogiannis, 2012, 2012 Oil On Canvas 200x180cm © artist
on democracy service, oil on canvas, 200x180cm, collaboration Nikos Charalambidis @ Dionisis Christofilogiannis, 2012, 2012 Oil On Canvas 200x180cm © artist
intuitive insight, 2012 Oil On Canvas 200x180cm © artist
Sacrum, 2010-11 Oil On Canvas 200x180cm © artist
Sleeping Car, 2010 Broderie Car Dims © artist
unborn paradise, 2011 Oil On Ostrich Egg © artist
Lidinos for Syria, Aegina 2012,
Remember, After: Mateiu I. Caragiale, teatrul naţional timisoara A performance by: Razvan Mazilu With: Razvan Mazilu and Ion Rizea Setting and video: Dionisis Christofilogiannis, 2009
Lidinos for Syria
Quick Facts

The relation of past and present (and inevitable: future) in the work of Dionisis Christofilogiannis, is ritical for the way he engage the time, reality and art as aesthetic and personal experience. His work equips the viewer with a solitary, lyrical view of contemporary society as contrasted by Greek Mythology, and metaphysical elements as a boundless and personified entity, morality and psychology.

He refrain from an exploitative perspective by exploring morality and psychology as an environment or composition which gradually evolves, or devolves, into the vision of a nightmarish monochromatic dark world created by a continual collision of the human and the architectural form.

Searching for points of interest in the archetypal peaks of art in time past and connecting them with unstable pictures of violent, quiet, even unreal reality, he connects the common elements from each other and points out inevitably a future idol of the world as irony, hope or happiness.

Dionisis explores the contemporary meaning of mythology and how such a broad idea becomes re‐focused as a resemblance of the individual. Dionisis purposefully comments upon the reflections of a society under radical change: one that distances itself from the experiences and narratives of its predecessors – including those mythologies real and those imagined.

Dionisis deals with painting, video, installation and set design.

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