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Does art require an audience? Does art require an audience? I posed this question to a dozen artists over nine episodes of Working (it) Out, the ArtSlant podcast I began hosting this summer. It was a question that came up at the end of a master’s seminar class I was in last year, and it took me by surprise. My answer, which I assumed was really the only one, was “yes.” Yes, I thought, because without an audience, does it count as art? I went home and put the question to my part... [more]
Welcome to the ninth installation of the Artslant podcast series, Working (it) Out. My name is Gillian Dykeman, and I'm a visual artist living in Toronto, Ontario. In Working (it) Out, I interview artists to ask about the role of audience in their practice. Each interview will begin with one question: "Does art require an audience?" Working (it) Out with Gillian Dykeman Episode Nine | Postcommodity: Wide Eyes Reflection from the audience / implicating the audience/ social practice (3:32) Building capacity through strategic suturing (7:10) Land Art’s positioning vs including community (8:40) Designing work to implicate audiences (13:12) Asking quest... [more]
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