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The darkness has long been a home for fear. Our avoidance of nighttime is instinctual, Darwinian. We cannot know what we cannot see. The formlessness of that unknown drives our imaginations to sculpt unnerving representations of evil. Demons, nightmares, and myths roam the night, serving as a mindful warning to children who would otherwise adventure into the darkness. Survival is a game best played in the light. But what happens when your only chance of survival is in the dark? When your... [more]
Does art require an audience? Does art an audience? I posed this question to a dozen artists over nine episodes of Working (it) Out, the ArtSlant podcast I began hosting this summer. It was a question that came up at the end of a master’s seminar class I was in last year, and it took me by surprise. My answer, which I assumed was really the only one, was “yes.” Yes, I thought, because without an audience, does it count as art? I went home and put the question to my partner, also an artist,... [more]
Welcome to the ninth installation of the Artslant podcast series, . My name is Gillian Dykeman, and I'm a visual artist living in Toronto, Ontario. In Working (it) Out, I interview artists to ask about the role of audience in their practice. Each interview will begin with one question: "Does art require an audience?"    Working (it) Out with Gillian Dykeman Episode Nine | Postcommodity: Wide Eyes Reflection from the audience / implicating the audience/ social practice (3:32) Building... [more]
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