Angeli Verastegui

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Organism, January 2012 Acrylic 48"X60" © © 2012
Being, June 2011 Acrylic 36"X48" © 2011
Louis Armstrong 36"X48" © 2010
Omar Rodriguez Lopez, 2010 Acrylic 36"X48" © 2010
Pavarotti, 2011 Acrylic 36"X48" © 2011
Quick Facts
Lima, Peru
Lives in
New York
Nassau Tech, 1994, Associate Degree
New York Institute of Technology, 1996, Bachelor
music modern painting

Born in Lima, Peru. Angeli was taught from an early age to look at the world through the eyes of an artist. Her grandfather was a mural painter in Peru and her father was an acomplished painter, illustrator and advertising art director.

Her passion for the arts grew as she did and she began to study on her own thus defining her own unique style. Experimenting in all mediums of fine art, Angeli fell in love with them all. From painting to illustrating, watercolors, pastels, cross hatching to graphic design, she excelled at everything she touched. She studied the masters and their works with a feverish passion and was moved by painters such Picasso, Dali, Mondrian, Goya, Van Gogh and Pollock among others.

Angeli furthered her studies in fine art and graphic design at the New York Institute of Technology. After graduation, Angeli went into graphic design, handling advertising and branding in print media while fulfilling her passion for painting and illustration at home.

Angeli had her first solo exhibtion in New York City in 2007.