Nancy Shaver

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Material excess: silk to brown paper, 2004 Wooden Blocks, Silk, Brown Paper, Flashe, Acrylic Paint 12 X 11 X 71 In
Retail, 2005-6 Plywood, Metal Shelving, Brackets, Glass Shelving, Wooden Shelving, Cardboard Boxes, Housepaint, Flashe, Acrylic Paint 91 X 37 X 26 In
Blue Night, 2011 Wood, Flashe Acrylic Paint, House Paint 10.5 X 11 X 3” © Courtesy of the artist & Feature Inc
Incline, decline, outside WalMart, 2009 © Courtesy of the artist & Feature Inc
Daisy, 2011 Found Metal Milk Crate, Metal Scraps, Found Upholstery Board, Upholstery Fabric, Canvas, Glue, Paper, House Paint, Acrylic Paint ; 77 X 19.5 X 13.25”
Mary Barrett #2 blue, 2013 Found Metal, Wooden Blocks, Fabric, Pillow, Fabric Loops, Paper Flashe Acrylic Paint, House Paint 19 X 36 X 22 Inches © Courtesy of the artist & Feature Inc
© Courtesy of the Artist and Derek Eller Gallery
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Current Exhibitions and Events
Oct, 2018
One Day at a Time: Manny Farber and Termite Art
MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) at Grand Ave.