Gary Aagaard

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The Real Thugs, 2015 Oil 24"W X 18"H © 2015
March of the Lunartic, 2012 Oil 24"H X 18"W © 2012
The Dulling, 2014 Oil 24"H X 20"W © 2014
White Lie, 2015 Oil 20"H X 16"W © 2015
"Nobody Builds Walls Better Than Me", 2015 Oil 30"H X 15"W © 2015
Cruz Control, 2014 Oil 20" X 20" © 2014
Temptation: Blinded by Delight Oil On Canvas 33"H X 23"W © 2008
She's a Concept, More or Less, 2012 Oil On Canvas 36"H X 24"W © 2012
Spin Cycle, 2013 Oil On Canvas 24"H X 18"W © 2013
Prophet for Profit, 2006 Oil On Canvas 33"H X 18"W © 2006
Sambuca & Cigarettes (after Degas), 2016 Oi On Canvas 24"H X 20"W © 2016
God According to Voltaire, 2005 Giclee (Run Of 30) 40"H X 30"W © 2005
Grange Gangsta Gothic, 2002 Giclee (Run Of 30) 26"H X 22"W © 2002
Eve's 1st Day, 2013 Oil On Canvas 24"H X 20"W © 2013
Alien Art: The 2nd Wave, 2013 Oil On Canvas 36"W X 18"H © 2013
C'est Tucson (after Magritte), 2011 Oil On Canvas 28"H X 22"W X 1.5"D © 2011
Suicide Blond, 2006 Giclee (Run Of 30) 32"H X 22"W © 2006
Tea for the Yellerphant, 2011 Oil On Canvas 24"H X 20"W © 2011
Chickenhawk: Pluck Dick, 2014 Oil On Canvas 16"H X 12"W © 2014
Giant On Holiday, 2004 Oil On Canvas 48"H X 36"W © 2004
Can You Hear Me Now?, 2009 Giclee (Run Of 39 Ap) 36"H X 24"W © 2009
2016 Race Odyssey, 2016 Oil 23"H X 19"W © 2016
Trumpcula: Old Habits Die Hard, 2016 Oil On Canvas 20"H X 10"W © 2016
Ma Nature Revisited, 2017 Oil On Canvas 25.5h X 17.75w © 2017
Being Jare (w/apologies to Chauncey Gardiner), 2017 Oil On Canvas 20"H X 16"W © 2017
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Seattle WA
Lives in
Tucson AZ
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Tucson AZ
painting, figurative, conceptual, pop, surrealism, Illustration
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Nov, 2017
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Oct, 2017
Surrealistic Stew
Contreras Gallery
Sep, 2017
Body Memory: Aagaard, Roth & Rohr
Tubac Center of the Arts

Artist Statement : My work is the product of my environment over the last three decades. Generally, I've had a positive experience yet tend to be irked by frequent political and religious hypocrisy, general apathy (relating to war, the environment, fact-challenged pundits, etc.) and dogma of any stripe that leads to social and spiritual tunnel vision. These themes are prevalent in many of my paintings although are often explored using satire and humor as opposed to a sledge hammer (granted, I do use that on occasion, too).

Quick Bio : My conceptual cover and interior illustrations have appeared in numerous publications including The Village Voice, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Golf Digest, Newsday, Philadelphia Weekly, Barron’s, Oxford American, Business Week, Bloomberg, National Lampoon, Seattle Weekly and Discover Magazine. Also, I've created book illustrations for Reader's Digest Books, Houghton Mifflin, St. Martin's Press, Harcourt Brace and “Emily and the Ostriches” (Rizzoli Publ.), a children's book collaboration with Dan Bernstein. In 2015, six of my paintings were published in “50 Masters of Realistic Imagery”.

Awards & Exhibits : My work has received recognition from American Illustration, 3x3 Magazine, the Society of Illustrators (NYC), the Society of Publication Designers, Print, the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles and Applied Arts. My paintings have been displayed in the Museum of American Illustration (NYC), Gallery-Henoch (NYC), the Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum (Washington D.C.), Gallery 110 (Seattle…. “1st Place Juror’s Award”), The Studio Door (San Diego…. “Best of Show”), Phoenix Gallery (NYC), Verum Ultimum (Portland), Ward-Nasse Gallery (NYC), POP Gallery (Santa Fe), Gallery 114 (Portland OR), Contreras Gallery (Tucson), Tubac Center of the Arts and was part of the Museum of American Illustration 2000-2001 Traveling Exhibition (40 selected works).