Donald Bustraan

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Broken Color Study #5, October 2016 Acrylic 72"W X 36"H © Donald Bustraan
Broken Color Study #5 Detail, October 2016 Acrylic Close Up © Donald Bustraan
Broken Color Study #7, October 2016 Acrylic 72"W X 36"H © Donald Bustraan
Broken Color Study #6, October 2016 Acrylic 72"W X 36"H © Donald Bustraan
Black and White Materiality #4, October 2016 Acrylic And Mixed Media 50" X 50" © Donald Bustraan
Ochre Wine, 12/2012 Acrylic And Mixed Media 96 © Donald Bustraan
Tidal Pool, 2011 Encaustic And Acrylic
No. 1, 2012 Encaustic 10" X 10" X 3/8"
I and Thou, 02/01/2013 Acrylic, Wood, And Mixed Media 30" X 23" X 1 1/2"
Quick Facts
Grand Rapids, MI
Birth year
Lives in
Calabasas, CA
Works in
Calabasas, CA
Kendall College of Art & Design, 1986, BFA
Michigan State University, 1983
The Slade School Of Fine Art, University College London, 1980
acrylic, textural, textural abstract expression painting mixed-media, oil painting, abstract
Donald Bustraan


Donald Bustraan relishes in the physical aspect of creating tortured and textured surfaces, creating balanced assymetrical compositions in the style of Wabi Sabi. With a battery of marks and gestures using a wide variety tools from rasps / sculpting knives to Toilet Brushes and other improvised application devices. The process is as much about the application of material as the removal. Every surface is testament to a layering process of subtle marks and paint buried deep beneath the surface drawing the viewer within a world of transitions. 


Bustraan is currently creating from his studio in Calabasas, CA. From 2010 to 2013 he was part of the Beacon Artists group in Inglewood, and participated in open studios there.


-   1986 Kendall College of Art and Design: BFA 

-   1983 Michigan State University,  Fine Arts Sculpture                                 

-   1980 London University College, Slade School of Fine Art