Chen Wenling

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Dogs , 2009 Painted Bronze H: 120 X W: 62 X D: 27 Cm © Contemporary By Angela Li
Piglet 1 Bronze H: 25 X W: 12 X D: 21 In © Robischon Gallery
Happy Life No.22 , 2009 Painted Bronze / Painted Fiberglass H: 58 X W: 26 X D: 21 Cm © Contemporary By Angela Li
Happy Life 11 Painted Bronze H: 30 X W: 14 X D: 20 In © Robischon Gallery
China Scene No.1 , 2007 Stainless Steel H: 155 X W: 182 X D: 100 Cm © Beyond Art Space
Sunny Boy Painted Bronze H: 49 X W: 21 X D: 21 In © Robischon Gallery
Red Memory - Smile, 2007 Car Paint, Bronze 270 X 150 X 202 Cm © Chen Wenling
Red Memory - shower, 2008 Bronze, Cat Paint 170 X 45 X 30 Cm © Chen Wenling
Strong Man , 2005 Stainless Steel H: 20.5 In © Lillian Heidenberg Fine Art
Happly Life 8 Painted Bronze H: 24 X W: 14 X D: 11 In © Robischon Gallery
Pig , 2005 H: 63 X W: 30 X D: 35 Cm © M. Sutherland Fine Arts Ltd.
Mingled Scene , 2010 Fiber Glass & Table, Car Paint H: 274 X W: 215 X D: 120 Cm © Soka Art Center
Valiant Struggle © Courtesy of Artist and Boeing Galleries
Flying boy Fiber Glass © Chen Wenling
How to escape © Chen Wenling
Happy Life 21, 2008 Painted Fiberglass 72 X 25 X 41 Cm © Chen Wenling
What You See is not Necessarily True Bronze 190 X 294 X 98 Cm © YANG GALLERY Singapore & Beijing
Top of the World Mied Media 190 X 50 X 50 Cm © YANG GALLERY Singapore & Beijing
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Anxi, Fujian, China
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Ode Toart, Asia Art Center
Chen Wenling Biography
1969   Born in Anxi, Fujian, China
1991   Graduated from Xiamen Academy of Art and Design
1994   Completed study in Sculpture Dept, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China
  Currently living and working in Beijing and Xiamen as a professional artist
Selected Exhibitions
2009   Beyond Globalization, Beyond Art Space, Beijing, China
2009   Metropolis Now, The Selection of Chinese Contemporary Art, Meridian International Center, Washington
2009   The Second Reality - Chinese Contemporary Art Group Exhibition, Meridian International Center, Washington, USA
2008   God of Materialism, Sculptures by Chen Wenling 2008, Asia Art Center, Beijing (solo)
2008   Efforts Bring Success, 798 Times Space, Beijing
2008   Third International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo, Seville, Spain
2008   The 3rd Nanjing Triennial, Reflective Asia, Nanjing Museum Nanjing, China
2008   Art Beijing Contemporary Art Fair Subject Matter Exhibition- Public Art, Beijing Agriculture Exhibition Center, Beijing, China
2008   Shanghai Art Fair Subject Matter Exhibition, Best of Discovery, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai, China
2008   Busan Biennale-Expenditure, Busan Museum of Modern Art, Busan, Korea
2008   China…Forward! TSUM, Moscow, Russia
2008   Efforts Bring Success, 98 Times Space, Beijing, China
2008   Red, Smooth and Luminescent Contemporary Expression, Xin Dong Chen Space For Contemporary Art III, Beijing
2008   International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations, Lido, Venice, Italy
2008   Art of Pigs, Pigs Expressed in Art, Hakodate Museum of Art, Hokka, Japan
2008   Mountain Flowers in Full Bloom, The First Sound Gallery, Beijing
2008   3.15-LET'S CONSUME, Xin Dong Chen Space for Contemporary Art III, Beijing
2008   Happy Together, Aura Gallery, Beijing
2008   China, Facing Reality, National Art Museum of China, Beijing
2008   Athens Contemporary Art From China, Technopolis of the city of Athens, Athens, Greece
2008   Chinese Scene, Wanhao Hotel, Beijing
2008   Source, Moon River Contemporary Art Center, Beijing
2008   China Blue, Beijing Overseas Chinese City, Beijing
2008   China Blue, Katrinetorps Gard, Malmo, Sweden
2008   Image Spirit, K Gallery, Chengdu, China
2008   Face East, Robischon Gallery, Denver, Colorado, USA
2007   Metamorphose Chen Wenling Exhibition, Makii Masaru Fine Arts, Japan (solo)
2007   Chen Wenling’s Contemporary Sculpture Solo Exhibition, Vanessa Art House, Jakarta, Indonesia (solo)
2007   My Chinese Friends, Gallery Susanne Ottesen, Copenhagen, Denmark
2007   Beyond Reality, Beyond Art Space, Beijing
2007   The Power of Universe, The Frontier of Contemporary Chinese Art, Asia Art Center, Beijing
2007   Reconstructed World View K Gallery, Chengdu, China
2007   Post Avant, Garde Chinese Contemporary Art: Four Directions of the New Era, Hong Kong
2007   Energy-Spirit-Body- Material, Today’s Museum, Beijing
2007   Calling a Stag a Horse, Exhibition of Sculptures by Guangci, Chen Wenling, Xiangjing and Caohui, Sanshang Art, Beijing
2007   A Truth beyond the Real, Doosan Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2007   Wild Beasts, Mook Gallery of Contemporary Art, Beijing
2007   Floating-New Contemporary Art, The National Art Museum of Korea, Seoul, Korea
2006   Chen Wenling’s Sculpture Solo Exhibition, Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai (solo)
2006   Red Memory, Chen Wenling’s Sculpture Exhibition, Singapore (solo)
2006   Beneath Above, BANG-Beijing Art Now Gallery, Beijing, China (solo)
2006   Bronze Sculpture, M. Sutherland Fine Arts, Ltd. (solo)
2006   Shanghai Biennale Participant (solo)
2006   Beneath Above, BANG – Beijing Art Now Gallery, Beijing, China (solo)
2006   Made in China, Padova, Italy
2006   Under the Radar, Robischon Gallery, Denver, Colorado, USA
2005   Grounding Reality, Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Seoul Korea
2005   Second China Art Triennial, Nanjing, China
2005   Time of Sea, International Art Exhibition, Shanghai
2005   Luxury Time, China Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, Tianjin
2005   Beautiful Word, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing
2005   No Boundary, China Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing
2005   Build Up Fable, China Art Exhibition, Beijing
2004   10th National Art Exhibiions, Changchun, China
2004   China-Belgium Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, Antwerepn, Belgium
2004   Happy Life, Chinese European Aer Center, Xiamen, China (solo)
2003   Seeking the True Nature, Xuri Bay, Zhuhai, China (solo)
2003   Chinese Sculpture Masterpieces Exhibition of the Beijing International
2003   Biennale, Wangfujing Beijing, China
2002   Red Memory, Pearl Bay Beach, Xiamen, China (solo)
2002   Red = Culture + Consumption, Laiya Department Store, Xiamen, China (solo)
2002   First China Art Triennial, Guangzhou Art Museum, Guangdong, China
2001   Sculpture Show, Shanghai Young Artists Exhibition, Normal University of Shanghai, China
1991   Woodcarving Show, Xiamen Academy of Art and Design, China (solo)
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