Michael James

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"Juxtaposition De Colores", 2007 Acrylic 40" X 30" © 2007 Michael James
Rainforest, 2006 Acrylic 48 X 8 X 1.5 Inches © 2006
Out of Africa Acrylic 46 X 36 X 2 Inches © 2008
The Big Bang, 2009 Acrylic 30 X 30 X 1.5 Inches © 2007
Flirtation With Heaven Acrylic 40.5 X 35 X 3.5 Inches © 2007
Sunset In A Sunset Acrylic 21.5 X 25 X 2 Inches © 2007
Rainbow Waves Acrylic 21 X 24 X 1.5 Inches © 2007
Channeling Wisdom Acrylic 48 X 36 X 1.5 Inches © 2008
Samskara Acrylic 24 X 18 X 1.5 Inches © 2008
Vibrations Acrylic 30 X 12 X 1.5 Inches © 2007
Garden Party Acrylic 60 X 36 X 1.5 Inches © 2008
Intersection Acrylic 26 X 26 X 2 Inches © 2007
Celebration Acrylic 40 X 30 X 1.5 Inches © 2006
Orbit of Gold Acrylic 68 X 44 X 2" Inches © 2007
Deep Sea Radiance Acrylic 40 X 28 X 1.5 Inches © 2007
Tropical Splendor Acrylic 28 X 40 X 1.5 Inches © 2008
Retired Sign Acrylic 30 X 22 X 1.5 Inches © 2008
Circus De Colores Acrylic 36 X 60 X 1.5 Inches © 2008
Alignment Acrylic 36 X 60 X 1.5 Inches © 2008
Spring Night At The Falls Acrylic 36 X 48 X 1.5 Inches © 2009
Breath of Fresh Air Acrylic 24 X 36 X 1.5 Inches © 2009
Magenta Acrylic 16 X 20 X 1.5 Inches © 2008
Spill The Wine Acrylic 14 X 11 X 1.5 Inches © 2006
Black Holes Acrylic 12 X 12 X 1.5 Inches © 2008
Magic In The Air Acrylic 30 X 24 X .5 Inches © 2009
In The Park Acrylic 18 X 24 Inches © 2009
Number XI Mixed Media © Michael James
Number X Mixed Media © Michael James
Number XXII Mixed Media © Michael James
Number XXIII Mixed Media © Michael James
Quick Facts
Birth year
Lives in
Los Angeles & Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Works in
Los Angeles & Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Representing galleries
Galeria Vallarta
Journey of An Artist



Michael, after less than ten years of painting, is emerging as one of the more successful abstract painters on the local scene.  Though, he chooses to be very selective in the venues where he shows, he has developed a considerable base of collectors and loyal patrons that support his efforts.  Michael contributes his success to his ability to reach the observer on a very esthetic level.  He says, “There’s nothing deep or political I’m trying to convey, just creative work that has a unique beauty after collaboration with brush, paint, and canvas.”

As a commercial pilot in light aircraft, a commercial deep-sea diver, an actor with ten starring roles, and a crew member for Dan Gurney in CART auto racing, Michael has spent over ten years residing in numerous countries from Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines, to Borneo and Mexico, as well as working in Canada, Japan, Australia, and Brazil.  

The influence of his travels can be seen in his variation of styles, techniques, and color.  He says, “Above all, I love color, sometimes bright with sharp contrasts.  Paintings should always evoke emotions...  and for me, pleasing ones!”

Michael currently divides his time between his home studio in Toluca Lake and a residence in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  He last showed work at the Los Angeles Municipal Gallery, the Creative Arts Center in Burbank, and the Haziza H1 Gallery in the NoHo Arts District.  Later this year he will be showing at Galeria Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.   

He is a member of LACMA, the LA Municipal Gallery, the Fine Arts Federation of Burbank, and the Malibu Art Association.



Artist Statement



Experiences living in the United States and abroad greatly influence each of my Abstract paintings.  As I begin to focus on the rhythmic breathing of a bare canvas my images mature, developing to a point where a passion to lay the first crucial stroke overwhelms me.  When I lay that first stroke an evolvement commences, guiding me on a journey, a journey revealing another, often intrinsic, facet of my life.



Though it can be a very spiritual and dramatic event, I attempt to convey images through a variation of devices, textures, composition, and juxtaposition of colors, always seeking to create a pure visual expression that distills art to it’s essence.  Whether the painting engenders any significant dialogue or not is never directed, but merely the consequence of my journey.



What is directed, hopefully, is a pleasing and uplifting creative endeavor that provides a unique pleasure for each observer.  I’m most fortunate, for me each painting brings me a little closer to who I am, why I’m here, and where I need to be.  I’m confident that in time, painting in conjunction with spiritual strength, will get me there!



After viewing a movie of the brain transferring and processing various information via colored areas, I began to realize if all areas of the brain were identified by varied colors each individual would convey a different color pattern as the brain functioned under normal operation.  No two color patterns the same...

I then began to imagine what the pattern would resemble if captured in color for those individuals I experience in my daily life, i.e., family, friends, acquaintances, and sometimes just strangers that intrigue me.

“I observe, imagine, attempt to encapsulate myself with the individual’s mind and emotional state, feeling what they feel and how they perceive...  then paint!  Vicariously I let the composition, design, and colors flow from a perspective different than my own.”

Those that know how I approach this series constantly inquire as to which painting represents them.  Not wanting to confront my personal observations of those I care about most and to avoid creating ill will, I’ve chosen to number the series, thereby eliminating any apparent identification and diminishing potential animosity towards me for my interpretation and judgment of each subject.



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