Lisa J Levasseur

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20120707004019-ljl_postcard_1, 2010 Mixed © Palette Art Ltd.
Gift of Friendship, 2010 Paletta Art™ 30 X 60 X 2 Inches © Palette Art Ltd.
Diamonds'n Frills, 2010 Palette Art 16" X 20" © Palette Art Ltd.
In the Dark, 2011 Palette Art 16" X 20" © Palette Art Ltd.
Can't See the Forest, 2011 Palette Art 16" X 20" © Palette Art Ltd.
Mountains Crumble to the Sea, 2011 Palette Art 16" X 20" © Palette Art Ltd.
All the Lies'n Pieces Fit, 2011 Palette Art 30" X 60" © Palette Art Ltd.
Broken Boundaries, 2011 Acrylic On Canvas 60" X 30" © Palette Art Ltd.
NY Bash, 2011 Palette Art 16" X 20" © Palette Art Ltd.
Whirlwind Affair, 2012 Palette Art 16" X 20" © Palette Art Ltd.
Scratchin the Surface, 2012 Palette Art 11" X 14" © Palette Art Ltd.
Ashes Smolder, 2012 Palette Art 11" X 14" © Palette Art Ltd.
Take Another Piece, - PaletteArt™ 2012 Palette Art 16" X 20" © Palette Art Ltd.
Eye of the Storm, 2012 Palette Art Acrylic 24 X 30 X 3 Inches © Palette Art Ltd.
Black Gold, 2012 Palette Art Acrylic 30 X 18 X 2 Inches © Palette Art Ltd.
Oil'n Water, 2012 Palette Art Acrylic 18 X 30 X 2 Inches © Palette Art Ltd.
Black Ice, 2012 Palette Art Acrylic 24 X 36 X 2 Inches © Palette Art Ltd.
Wheels of Change, 2013 Palette Art 100% Acrylic & Hubcaps On Canvas 28" X 38" © Palette Art Ltd.
Bubblegum Alley, 2012 Palette Art Acrylic 48" X 24" © PaletteArt Ltd.
Clown Fish Palette Art™ 20" X 16" © PaletteArt Ltd.
Eye of the Storm Palette Art Acrylic 18" X 30" © PaletteArt Ltd.
Oil'n Water Palette Art Acrylic © PaletteArt Ltd.
Take Another Piece, 2012 Palette Art 16" X 20" © PaletteArt Ltd.
Oil n'Waterr, 2014 Palette Art 18" X 30" © PaletteArt Ltd.
Quick Facts
Lives in
AB, BC & California
Works in
USA & Canada
Representing galleries
Adagio Gallery, Palm Desert CA NinaTorres Fine Art Miami, FL
Palette Art mixed-media, landscape, modern, figurative, sculpture

L J L e v a s s e u r

Canadian born business woman, Lisa J Levasseur, began painting 2010 and quickly emerged an
artist. Known as creator of a new art form called P a l e t t e A r t ™.  A process using recycled paint to form 3D abstract sculptured paintings unlike any other.  Also noted for her range of artwork & natural talent in different mediums.

She's featured as a Modern Art Master in magazines books & exhibitions. Most recently International
Contemporary Masters at Art Expo-NY & later this year in Spectrum Miami. In an effort to help other artists and network with industry professionals, she is offering the chance to be featured at

Lisa also runs Terracana Ranch Resort, living somewhat divorced from society in Canada’s remote rocky mountain wilderness. This gives her the opportunity to socialize with guests from all over the world and many walks of life. She's intrigued by how people's perception is altered by different experiences in life. Her focus is on green tourism and inspiring artists to recycle teaching PaletteArt.

With spectacular views from the art studio, Lisa is inspired by how light changes one's perspective of
things. She is motivated to paint things from different perspectives and bring to light their true nature.
It is the perfect creative setting, where she invites artists for residencies, art retreats and Rocky
Mountain Art Tours through the National Parks.


“I am moved by the actions, history and events that shape mankind, by nature or anything that elevates the spirit. It can be the simplest of things or the most horrifying, often it’s experiencing the adventure or eauty nature has to offer and it’s definitely in the connection I have with animals. It translates into all his energy which I can express in a positive way through my artwork; I only hope it inspires the same passion, love and hope in others.” - LJLevasseur


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