Mark Andrew Webber

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New York, 2006 Printmaking Linocut 110 X 70 © Mark Andrew Webber
London, 2006 Printmaking Linocut Print 106cm X 90cm © Mark Andrew Webber
Amsterdam, 2007 Printmaking Linocut Print 120cm X 100cm © Mark Andrew Webber
Paris Linocut, 2009 Linoleum Printmaking 180cm X 150cm © Mark Andrew Webber
Dehisce - Linomation, 2009 Linocut Animation + Print 297 X (10cm X 10cm) © Mark Andrew Webber
Fear is the thief of Dreams, 2009 Linocut Print 49cm X 38cm © Mark Andrew Webber
Paris map crop Linocut Print And Acrylic On Paper 185 X 155cm © The Future Tense
Quick Facts
Reading, Uk
Birth year
University College Falmouth, 2008, Graphic Design
printmaking, linocut, Lino, Maps, map, typo, typography, city, linoleum, print mixed-media

Born and raised in Reading, UK, Mark Webber was diagnosed with Juvenile Chronic Arthritis at the age of 12, placing severe restrictions on his movement. Determined to not let his disability stand in the way of his passion for art and design, Mark endured several years of intensive medication and therapy, eventually leaving him well enough to study graphic design at Art College.

In 2006 he conceived and created the first of his ‘Where in the World’ series of typographic maps that have rapidly become his trademark. Each map takes many months to create, from research and paper prototype design to hundreds of hours painstakingly hand-carving the relief from a single sheet of linoleum, from which the images are then printed.

In 2007 Mark was awarded a prestigious Silver Cube award from the Art Directors Club of New York and has subsequently exhibited alongside graphic design luminaries such as Alan Fletcher, Margaret Calvert, Ken Garland, and Derek Birdsall, as well as being featured in leading design magazines including Creative Review and Blueprint Magazine.

Mark’s most recent work is his map of Paris, measuring an astonishing 160 x 150cm, taking over 800 hours to carve.

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