Ruth Kolman Brophy

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Beautiful Dreamer, 2008 Acrylic 36x36 © Ruth Brophy
A Capella, '08 Print 15x15 © Ruth Brophy
Emperor Waltz, '08 Acrylic 36x36" © Ruth Brophy
Ohne Titel (No Title), 08 Acrylic 20x20 © Ruth Brophy
untitled Acrylic 28x32
untitled Acrylic 28x32
Walking on Sunshine, Triptych, panel #1, 2012 Acrylic 18x36
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Valley Art Gallery, Walnut Creek, Ca
artist-page, modern, digital

My work is characterized by a playful sensibility. Circles, curves, squares and other elements move to an invisible choreography. Paintings and prints reflect my optimistic take on life and a sense of joie de vivre. I use an exuberance of color, swooping gestures, sensuous curves and recurring groups of shapes. This profusion of elements is tamed by a strong sense of balance and design and an ultimate preference for formalism.

Since I have lived in Europe and in the United States, my work shows the influence of both continents. Some of the curves and ornamentation of the Baroque and also of the Viennese Jugendstil can be seen in my paintings.  My strong sense of design and balance is from the Bauhaus and 20th century European design.
The United States has given me an appreciation of pop culture. I am inspired by fabrics from Midwestern homes; the bright, intensive colors of the California landscape and the cool and organic shapes of mid-century furniture and architecture.

I am a multimedia artist, with particular emphasis on monotype, collage and painting.
I approach each new piece with a sense of abandon, letting gestures, calligraphy and graphic shapes break the blank expanse of the canvas.
While I generally have a ‘plan of attack’, at the early stages of creating a work I will try out many different avenues, changing colors and forms and using gestural marks and an internal rythm to point the way until I feel that the piece has a certain direction. Then I am ready to implement the design and to organize the elements into an intricate, formal arrangement. Much like
solving a visual puzzle, I move shapes, colors and lines about until the work achieves a
harmonious balance.

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