Gypsy Empress

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There's Only One Empress, 2011 Oil 9" X 12"
Omens, 2011 Oil On Canvas 12" X 14"
Green Mamba Speaks to the Lost Queen, 2010 Pastel On Paper
Palace Poppies, 2011 Oil On Canvas
Lady Mia, 2011 Oil On Wood
Lady Leigha, 2011 Oil On Wood
The Hopeful Traveler, 2011 Oil & Shell On Canvas 16" X 20"
My Lil Snow Bunny, 2011 Oil On Canvas 9" X 9"
Sweet Home Colorado, 2012 Oil On Canvas
Walks Tall Moon Mother, 2012 Oil On Canvas
Lizard Queen II, 2012 Oil & Shed Snake Skin On Canvas
Quick Facts
University of Kansas
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
University of Colorado, Boulder
Representing galleries
Center of Visual Arts
Fantasy mixed-media pop landscape, surrealism, modern, traditional, figurative


Art has always been my biggest passion in life and in late 2011 I decided to finally get serious about it.  My family and I moved up into the beautiful mountains of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where I can center and focus.  Communication, for me, is at the closest to complete when in the form of visual art.  I paint to express my heart and soul, sometimes to communicate with others and sometimes as a process of understanding within myself. Painting keeps my kundalini flowing freely.  Painting keeps me feeling full of life and awareness.

My art signifies many things to me.  Sometimes it is an emotion I’m unable to convey with words, other times it’s political or societal commentary, or other times it’s simply about beauty, joy, and color.

A lot of my work contains a personal spiritual element.  Painting to me is a form a mediation as well as a means of personal exploration.  Sometimes it is simply a means to express the images flashing through my mind.  The creation of art is a process and I love letting go and allowing a piece to become its own.

I work primarily with oil paints on canvas, wood, or panel.  However, I love to experiment with new mediums and surfaces.  I love mixed media and figurative sculpture work and plan to experiment more with these mediums in the future.

First, I start with an idea and a few basic compositional sketches before turning to photo references to complete a sketch.  Then, I transfer my sketch on to canvas.  I usually paint three to five layers before I feel a piece is complete.  I like to thin my paint considerably so that the layers build upon each other.

I believe that art should have a purpose.  That purpose can be; spiritual, a way to have fun, or a form of communication or understanding.  Art should inspire and provoke thought, or add beauty to the world.  Not everyone has to agree with me on this, this is my personal motivation for art.  Art is my purpose.



Gypsy Empress is an oil painter, currently based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, who specializes in stylized figurative work.  She is currently working on her first complete collection to be displayed at the Visual Art Center beginning in December 2011 located in the beautiful town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  She is a nature lover, avid traveler, and yogini.  Inspired by pre-Raphaelite and pop surrealism artists, her interests are reflected in her own personalized style.  Gypsy ways keep her on the move, always exploring and always inspired by the beauty found throughout this world.