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Drift Station_Lincoln NE

Macrh 02 was the opening of Bookstore @ Drift Station, art gallery in Lincoln NE. I have few zines, published by Pikabooks & distributed by LLP, @ Drift Station from March 2 through April 27, 2012. Picture by Drift Station. [more]
Posted by Nathalie Chikhi on 3/30/12

Florida Museum for Women Artists

Materials of our daily life are used to create this installation. More than 125 hand-painted bamboo sticks are inserted into each polysterne ball. The installation process ends when the empty space is totally filled, based on a triangle grid, with the juxtaposition of 25 modules. At first glance, it looks like a field of dried tumbleweeds like the Hitchcock's movies. Observing more closely, they become kind aand all memories of past anxiety disappear. Over 3000 bamboo sticks and 25... [more]
Posted by Nathalie Chikhi on 7/24/11

upcoming exhibition

I am happy to announce that I will make an installation @ the Florida Museum  for Women Artists, in Deland FL this summer. The installation* will be on display from July through September. Come & discover the installation process open to the public on Friday, July 15th, 2011.*i keep secret the selected installation - come & see! [more]
Posted by Nathalie Chikhi on 6/7/11

Upcoming solo exhibition in Orlando

I am calling Orlando home and I am really happy to announce that I will have my first solo exhibition there. Thanks to the team of Twelve21 Gallery [more]
Posted by Nathalie Chikhi on 5/7/11

∞ Loop

∞ Loop is an extension of the video The expressives, contemplatives. The book ∞ Loop can be read-watched at the infinite, without any consideration of a beginning or an end. The cover is white to remember the combination of all the colors of the visible light spectrum. One hundred screens extracted and duplicated from the video are organized in a specific order to illustrate the concept of an infinite loop. August, 2010. Artist book, self-published... [more]
Posted by Nathalie Chikhi on 11/2/10

interview Pikaland

Few weeks ago, I got an interview with Pikaland, webiste dedicated to illustrators and artists. Please have a look here: [more]
Posted by Nathalie Chikhi on 8/16/10