Leslie Eastman

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A History's Shadow, 2011 Camera Obscura, Acrylic Screen, Video Animation Variable © Leslie Eastman
XYZ NYC 10 Downing, 2011 Installation Variable © Natasha Johns Messenger & Leslie Eastman
Light Dark, 2009 Two Way Acrylic Panels, Motorised Structure, Lighting Variable © Leslie Eastman
The Visible and the Invisible, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, 2004 Installation, Stainless Steel Polycarbonate, Two Way Mirror, Movement Activated Lighting. Variable © Leslie Eastman
Meridian, 2010 Mixed Media, Drawing, Video, Installation © Leslie Eastman
Quick Facts

Leslie Eastman is a visual artist working in Melbourne Australia. He studied literature and philosophy at Melbourne University and completed a Masters in Fine Art at RMIT. He currently coordinates the painting program in the Department of Fine Arts at Monash University. He has exhibited widely in Australia and most recently collaborated with Natasha Johns-Messenger on XYZ-NYC in conjunction with No Longer Emty in New York. 

Leslie's art practice commences with an interrogation of the expanded field of painting and issues of representation and perception. The current practice takes many forms including drawing, video, and photography often utilising architectural installation in a context specific to site. The work seeks to question conventional notions about the form or object-hood of art and art making and by extension propose contingent approaches to materials and process.

"I attempt to articulate an experience in the artwork that reveals the circular and contingent relationship between the subject and the object, the viewer and the viewed. The notion of the boundary between the interior and the exterior is central in my work. The various screens, frames and mirrored surfaces are materials that I employ to problematise the apparent demarcation between the real world and the internal world of the viewer. In this regard the writings of Merleau-Ponty, Bergson and Deleuze are influential. The work is speculative rather than definitive; on occasions proposing a model of the intertwining of subject and object and at other times an infinite regress.

A corollary of this is the idea of the interrelatedness of place and context. On a number of occasions I have attempted to draw relationships between a particular architectural site or landscape and the expanded field of its geographic, cultural or temporal context that constitutes both its uniqueness and interdependence. I have done this through a number of methods including the camera obscura and internet technology.

I view collaboration as a way of questioning conventional assumptions about the nature of artistic activity as well as working in response to a situation or location as a way of extending and testing the role of my own art practice and its outcomes. As a result I have collaborated with artists such as Andy Thomson and Daniel von Sturmer and in recent years with New York based artist Natasha Johns-Messenger. I am currently a coordinator of Light Projects a collaborative curatorial project in Melbourne that has staged a series of projects by local and international artists exploring the phenomenology of perception and psychoanalytic theory."

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