Edu Luna

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Reprogramming love @528Hz, December 2012 Mixed Media 68x33x51cm © Edu Luna
Wang riding on Smith, September 2011 Mixed Media 70x50x170cm
Head in ass, October 2011 Mixed Media 60x25x90cm
Best cheese in Holetown, October 2012 Mixed Media 70x100x27cm © Edu Luna
Hearing the world, November 2011 Steel, Plaster, Resin 24x13x31cm
Alcyone transmutes his fears, December 2013 Resin, Foam, Metal Hardware 32x20x48cm © Edu Luna
Lord Hades, December 2013 Wood, Resin, Metal Hardware 13x10x70cm © Edu Luna
Hurt Mars or triumphant Venus, October 2011 Steel, Resin And Plaster 12x25x42cm
Let me breathe, November 2010 Steel, Resin, Fiberglass, Polypropilene 50x55x133cm © Edu Luna
Fertilitas, December 2012 Mixed Media 60x25x69cm © Edu Luna
Natura in agony, May 2012 Resin, Plaster, Wood 31x12x51cm © Edu Luna
Persephone, December 2013 Wood, Resin, Bandage 11x8x69cm © Edu Luna
Accpet it and flow, January 2014 Cooper, Foam 85x25x57cm © Edu Luna
Resting but not fallen down, March 2010 Mixed Media 32x44x35cm © Edu Luna
The look of Thera, November 2013 Mixed Media 41x15x32cm © Edu Luna
Tricorniun volaris, April 2009 Mixed Media 48x130x120cm © Edu Luna
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Escola de d'Arts i Oficis de Barcelona, 2008, Sculptor
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Galeria Javier Roman-Malaga ; Galeria Ada-Barcelona
mixed-media, pop, installation, surrealism, modern, conceptual, sculpture, exhibition/performance


To me, art is everything and nothing at the same time; it is everything and nothing, it is birth and death, it is happiness and sadness, it is expanding and contracting, it is questioning and accepting, it is vibrating, succumbing, and many other things. but to me, art is mainly that necessary medically prescribed flight, made of uncountable  lines, infinite curves and thousands of paths that bring me to parallel and perpendicular universes. 

I find beauty and inspiration in objects and common things. their simplicity  and mystery at the same time, fascinate me and unveil to me that kind of magic once and again, a magic that makes inspiration keep alive, and connects me more deeply to the secrets of life, love and spirit.

My work is featured as a continuous exchange of colours, textures and shapes that recalls the organic nature of the creation. besides there is a permanent search for subtlety, where gravitational forces get lost and shapes invite you to an imaginary game of vacuums and fulfills, and understanding  rises from the visions and emotions of the spectator, and my energy used in the conception would be just a reference heading that allows the artist-work-spectator dialogue to open.


Edu Luna was born and raised in Argentina in 1963. He lived for almost 40 years in his birth’s country.

During his life in Argentina he got a degree in Electronics Engineering and worked during 10 years as field engineer in a contractor company. Later he got a MBA degree that gave him the chance to be promoted to a managing job. He continued developing his successful career with more responsibilities each time.

Up to that moment, at the age of 40 he started to experience a lack of comfort with the direction of his life. So he decided to leave Argentina towards Spain, where he wanted to do new studies and experience life abroad. He completed his master in HR at the University of Barcelona and he decided to establish in Spain for living and working in the country. He worked as chief in the technical service of a local company.

Soon he realized that he wasn’t enough happy with the new direction until he made a second turn and decided to attend art and sculpture’s classes at the Arts and Crafts School of Barcelona, an old centre where some well-known Spanish artists passed through.  Those classes were the starting point of Edu Luna for developing the seed that became into his passion for art and sculptures.

Before completing the art school he set up his own workshop and started working among the community of artists Freixas. He participated in several events like open studios, exhibitions, competitions, fairs and public interventions in Catalonia and other cities of Spain.

In 2010 he had his first solo exhibition in Barcelona at ADA Gallery. He continued working and exhibiting his sculptures in shows around Spain, Italy, France and U, until now.

Last year 2013 Edu Luna made another strong bet and moved his workshop and house to the mountains, in the surrounds of Sierra de Espadán, Valencia, where he continues to develop his sculptures among nature and in a life close connected to the environment.

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