Robert Wallace

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Japan 7, 2013 Mixed Media on Wood Panel 24 X 28.5 Inches © 2013 Robert Wallace
Untitled (machiya 5), 2013 Mixed Media on Wood Panel 21 X 25.5 Inches © 2013 Robert Wallace
Red Hook (diptych), 2012 Mixed Media on Wood (2) 24 X 48 © 2013 Robert Wallace
Scarlett Too, 2012 Mixed Media on Canvas (2) 28" X 28" © 2013 Robert Wallace
Lighter, 2012 Mixed Media on Canvas 60 X 72 Inches © 2012 Robert Wallace
Untitled (horizontal), 2011 Mixed Media on Wood 24 X 56 Inches © 2012 Robert Wallace
Luxury (triptych), 2011 Mixed Media on Panel (3) 18" X 80" © 2012 Robert Wallace
(Denver), 2009 Mixed Media on Cardboard 12.5 X 12.5 Inches © 2011 Robert Wallace
Best (detail), 2000 Mixed Media on Canvas 35 X 48 Inches © 2005 Robert Wallace
Beethoven 1, 1999 Mixed Media on Wood 35 X 24.5 Inches © 2005 Robert Wallace
Untitled (kimono silver) (detail), 2014 Mixed Media on Wood Panel 41 X 31.8cm © Robert Wallace
Sakura 1, 2014 Mixed Media on Wood Panel 16.5 X 21 © Robert Wallace
After the Rain, 2015 Mixed Media on Wood Panel (3) 15” X 18” © Robert Wallace
Untitled (Checklist 14), 2016 Mixed Media on Wood Panel 15" X 18" © Robert Wallace
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Santa Ana, CA
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Kyoto, Japan
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Kyoto, Japan
USC (University of Southern California), 1993, BA
abstract, mixed-media

I am an American artist originally from Los Angeles currently living in Kyoto. I have had exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles and Kyoto. My paintings are included in private collections around the world.

Though I studied fine art at the University of Southern California, most of my early painting was done with aerosol on the streets of LA. I abandoned graffiti completely in 1995 when I moved to New York and began working in a completely new mixed media style layering paper and paint on canvas and wood panels.

The city and urban decay is a major influence on my work. I draw my inspiration from the urban experience, from the tension and madness of city life, and from the eroding and crumbling past of a city. For me, the thick layers of collage and paint in my work are like the stratum of a city, its history, its culture. 

My approach to art is similar to Japanese artist Sabro Hasegawa. He suggested that paintings are "controlled accidents", and are formed as naturally as rocks or grass. Like Hasegawa I prefer to let the paintings paint themselves. I don't like to manipulate anything. I try to employ the Zen concepts of wu-hsin and wu-nien, or "no-mind" and "no-thought" when I am working in the studio. I never know what I am painting until I am painting. I feel the most successful pieces happen by chance, without trying. They come without thought or planning. I embrace the accidents and mistakes of improvisation.

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