Damilola Oshilaja

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9/11, 2003 Mixed Media 122 Cm By 131 Cm © Damilola Oshilaja/Grunge Studios
Blue Planet (New World Order), 2003 Mixed Media On Canvas 110 Cm By 175 Cm © Damilola Oshilaja / Grunge Studios
Life II: Le theatre de la Creation, 2005 Mixed Media On Paper 56 Cm By 76 Cm
Landscape Redux; No-nVOID/2: 0.7946 (Park Life), 2005 Mixed Media On Canvas 100 Cm By 174 Cm © Damilola Oshilaja / Grunge Studios
Landscape Redux; No-nVOID/5: Park Life (Promenade), 2005 - 2006 Mixed Media On Canvas 145 Cm By 217 Cm © Damilola Oshilaja / Grunge Studios
Landscape Redux; No-nVOID/7: Fishing 4 ?tion (untitled), 2006 Mixed Media On Canvas 140 Cm By 158 Cm © Damilola Oshilaja / Grunge Studios
landscape Redux; No-nVOID/10: Light Breaking Through, 2010 Mixed Media On Paper 83 Cm By 103 Cm © Damilola Oshilaja / Grunge Studios
Quick Facts
London, United Kingdom
Lives in
London, United Kingdom
Works in
London / Stockholm
Central Saint Martins - UAL
mixed-media, video-art, landscape, graffiti/street-art, figurative

Damilola Oshilaja is a multi-disciplinary artist who is a Master of Arts graduate in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. The British London-based artist is one of the eighty-one artists who, in 2011, represented the last collection of practitioners to emerge in London, from the historic Charing Cross Road base of Central Saint Martins.

Damilola Oshilaja was born in 1981, Westminster, London United Kingdom,  and began Grunge Studios (his Fine Art practice) in 1998. The artist has had numerous shows in Europe; and he has been shortlisted, and won a number of awards and prizes including The Artists’ and Collectors’ Bursary (University of the Arts London).

Oshilaja’s practice is involved with espousing the historical core values of fine art through a 21st Century lens, and embodies painting, curatorship and writing aspects, film and animation.

Damilola Oshilaja was selected in the top 100 for the inaugural edition of The Other Art Fair 2011, an art  fair for unrepresented artists, an event billed as a showcase of the most talented and emerging artists in the UK; and was appointed Artistic Director for the Nigeria pavilion at The Africa Village during the Cultural Olympiad in London 2012.

The artworks of Damilola Oshilaja are in different private and public collections in countries around the world including Switzerland, Sweden, France, Nigeria, The United States of America, Japan and The United Kingdom.

Arte Grunge™ as an eventual product of Grunge Studios expresses gestural principles of painting in a synthesis of iconography, and sculpture in two and three dimensions.  It is an art form that centres on the observation of, and interaction between form, the void, and the landscape.

Arte Grunge™ embraces a trust in flowing paint, intuitive lines, spontaneous and directed gesture, and raw aesthetic symbols and materials.

The atom and light is a focus of investigation within Damilola Oshilaja’s art practice.  From this standpoint Oshilaja is concerned with the Nano-object, its movement and its formations.  The perception of light, the formations of different matter, the transitions of gases, and the inter-relational interactions of these elements are of interest within a wider focus on terrestrial landscape (the natural world and the man-made world) and life within the landscape. Ergo, the human condition and human interaction with environment plays a significant role in this major concern.