Jason Driskill

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Hermes, 2007 Digital Image 24" X 30" © Jason Driskill 2007
Lube Jobs and Tampons, 2004 Digital Print 8" X 10" © Jason Driskill 2004
Good For The Economy, 2006 Digital Print 2" X 6" And 16" X 48" © Jason Driskill 2006
Ambidextrous, 2007 Digital Print 24" X 34" © Jason Driskill 2007
The Animus of My Anima is My Friend, 2008 Digital Print 36" X 40" © Jason Driskill 2008
Original Sin, 2007 Digital Print 28" X 44" © Jason Driskill 2007
A Familiar Smile of Fascination, 2007 Digital Print 12" X 8" © Jason Driskill 2007
The Neutral Zone, 2007 Digital Print 8" X 10" © Jason Driskill 2007
Arm Wrestling Machine, 2007 Digital Print 40" X 48" © Jason Driskill 2007
Typical Oversight, 2006 Digital Print, Shelf, Plastic 12" X 12" X 1" © Jason Driskill 2006
Walk Like A Man, 2008 Digital Print 24" X 24" © 2008 Jason Driskill
Transitions Show Announcement, 2009
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Nashville, TN
Birth year
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San Francisco
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San Francisco
Watkins College of Art & Design, 2004, BFA
San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI)
gay, gender, queer, self-portrait, masculine, identity, funny, humor, photoshop, video, digital

Jason Driskill

Artist Statement

Self-reflection is the driving force of my work. This body of work is particularly inspired by the tender, painful, and dichotomous transformation that I undertook years ago as a Christian missionary, when I replaced my religious naiveté with a devastating acknowledgement of an unwelcome and shameful sexual orientation. Although I have long since come to terms with my sexuality, I still feel compelled to make sense of the shift that took place in my self-perception, and the part of me that remains trapped between the religious and the sexual.

These images consist of self-portraiture, mechanical schematics, instructional diagrams, Internet porn and religious iconography. In collaging these elements together new relationships are formed, giving these symbols new meaning.

Originally from Nashville, TN, Jason Driskill graduated with a BFA from Watkins College of Art and Design in 2004. He uses digital photography and video to indulge his interests in the male body, gender identity and sexualized objectification of masculine power. Jason currently makes art as an MFA candidate at the San Francisco Art Institute.

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