Alanna Hutt

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3 and 1 Broken
Quick Facts
School of Visual Arts New York (SVA)
Representing galleries
Apex gallery, Apart Contemporary, Ashley Gallery, Tumbelty Gallery, Distillery Gallery, Francesca Arciesi Fine Art (FAFA) Contrastudios, Family Business Gallery...Excibitions include: Bridge Art Fair (Miami, Art Basel week 2009), Fountain Art, Art Gotham
contemporary mixed-media installation modern painting drawing, conceptual, sculpture


Construction and deconstruction of society through advancements in,
and, our use of technology.
It seems, these days, as if technology offers a substitution for virtually everything. The internet, in particular, offers up artificial Friends, Travel, Shopping, Entertainment, Sex, you name it. Though the internet is not new, over the years it has exploded into its own universe with technological advancements such as smart phones and tablets allowing us to live there full time, fueling an ever growing addiction. The problem, it seems, gets worse with every generation as it is not uncommon to see babies playing with smart phones and children expressing more interest in playing with tablets vs. outside with friends. While I believe these technologies can prove useful and fun, I also believe that abusing it will inevitably lead to an unhealthy depressing existence. I realize that my work cannot overcome this growing epidemic nor am I attempting to. The idea is to pull people out of their artificial worlds, to ground them if only for a moment and to achieve within them a true aesthetic experience. It is important for people to make connections to others; their environment as well as objects that make them think or feel. While the concept might not be obvious, I believe, the success of the work lies with the reaction of the viewers.


Light, fascinates me, while the work is really more about the viewer’s making connections to the work, light has the ability to touch without physically doing so and therefor can connect directly, with the viewer. As a medium, light is versatile, and can be manipulated to create different effects and atmospheric moods. By manipulating the light source, I’m manipulating the perception of the viewer. Defusing the light creates a sense of tranquility, helping the viewers to relax and become more receptive to making a psychological connection to the work. Experimentation with sounds such as white noise, chimes and soft rhythmic melodies are sometimes used to achieve similar effects.


Constant improvised creative activity can, in one sentence, sum up my “Subscapes” or landscapes of the subconscious. The works are very cerebral and though composition of color, shape, gesture and texture are constantly looked at involuntarily; the works aren't so much about the final product, but rather the process it takes to create them. They are more about the connections I make within myself, this sort of subconscious “connect the dot” game. Occasionally the works contain a bit of humor and/or commentaries on whatever social/economic/political issues I happen to be contemplating during the art making process. The objective here is to achieve a connection with the viewer by making these connections within myself. It is my hope that the viewer will pause for a moment and attempt to explore the path I took to create the work, peeling it back layer by layer and perhaps finding a bit of tranquility within themselves during the process.