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In my works as a video/installation/performance artist I search for and reinstall emotions

to bridge the technical and conceptional aspects of the same. It´s like spinning outwards

from the centre which the mind creates and the body permeates.




  • Bachelor in Fine Art/Sculpture, National College of Art & Design, Dublin, Ireland, First Class Honors (1999-2003)
  • TEFL (2004)
  • 4 week Scholarship at Muriwai Earthskin Residency, Muriwai, New Zealand, July 2013
  • Scholarship Kunsthochschule Tallinn, (Jan-April 2002)



Work experience:




  • October 2013
  • Video documentation and edit of Royston Maldoom dance workshop at Freie Ganztagsschule Neinstedt, Germany
  • September 2013:
  • Video documentation of Tanz und Klang Miniaturen at Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche, Berlin, Germany
  • May 2012:
  • Video documentation, Ärztekongress, Messe, Nürnberg, Germany
  • November 2009.April 2010:
  • Video documentation and edit of 13 short films for Karl-Schubert-Haus, Institution for people with disabilities, Mariensee, Austria
  • October 2009
  • Video documentation: Theaterstück: “Aufbruch aus Troja” für Teatro InstabileBerlino, Berlin





working as an art director or assisting art director on various short films


10 commissioned murals in Austria and Germany

April 1st-June 30th 2008

Radio LoTTe Weimar, kreatives und graphisches Layout, Konzept Entwicklung, Projektskizzen, Antragstellung für Fördermittel, On-Air zusammenfassende Veranstaltungsreviews, Weimar, Germany

March 2006-May 2006

Event Production Coordinator für Edge Creative Ltd. (Event und Marketing Produktion), Auckland, New Zealand

March 2004-February 2005:

teaching English and Art at Darasamuth School, Phuket, Thailand

August 2005-Februar 2006

Lost Wax Bronze Casting technician in Artworks Castings Ltd., Auckland, New Zealand

March-May 2006:

teacher aid and creative support for children with disabilities, Mt Roskill Primary School, New Zealand



Art practice:



Since January 2014 –ongoing

Photo/Video work for the blog:



  • November 18th

Music video to come back by musician Sinah, live presentation and album launch, London, UK

  • September 20th

15 min video/audio/performance solo piece desire & satisfaction is created for and presented at the event RUINS: URBE-BERLIN A Psychogeographic Investigation. Presented at the NK Project, Berlin, Germany

  • July 1st-28th

4-weeks Artist in residence at Earthskin Muriwai Residency in Muriwai, New Zealand,

the performance/video/sound solo piece in between flames is created and presented at the residency

  • June 14th-16th

live stream performance Channel from Wellington, New Zealand to Berlin, Germany as part of the 48 stunden Neukölln Artsfestival, streamed at the attic of Creativ-Centrum Neuköllner Leuchtturm, Berlin, performed in Wellington, in collaboration with Daniel James

May 3rd

music video The marginalized limb – Catherine Feeny cover

Music: mACACO mAU – cHRISTIAN lEINSDORFF & bVK - Video: Daniela Gast

  • March 28th

15min live performance piece Cut II as part of 'Harvest' (organised by Sandra Sarala, presented live at the audio foundation Auckland, New Zealand

  • March 19th

15min live performance piece Cut I as part of 'Harvest' (organised by Sandra Sarala) perfomed live at the Bats-Theatre, Understudy, Wellington, New Zealand


  • July 27th/28th

Videos: foetus rising, register, hidden cracks are shown at the art/music festival Camp Tipsy, Germany

  • July 21st

8 min video foetus rising created for and shown at FŒTUS FROLICS FESTIVAL (Music-Arts Festival), presented by Urban Arts Berlin and Corpo 6, at Corpo 6 gallery, Berlin

  • June 22nd

9min video/performance piece presented at Berlin Compass Summer Solstice-Sommeranfang, host Sandra Sarala, at Club der polnischen Versager, Berlin

  • June 16th

6min street performance at 129 Gallery curated by Arthur Patching, technological tampering as part of the 48h Neuköln Artfestival

  • June 15th-17th

48h Neuköln, Artfestival, Berlin,  Installation/Sound, Object/Video in the attic of Creativ-Centrum Neuköllner Leuchtturm, Berlin

  • April 29th

5min site specific live performance/video and sound collage: talking to a wall presented at the event 3+3 at Naherholung Sternchen in Berlin curated by Multiversal and Situation Zero.

  • April 22nd

7 min live performance/video and sound collage: register shown at the collective exhibition Torso. Curated by Urban Arts Berlin, presented at Galerie Futura, Berlin.

  • February 25th

10 minute live performance, video and sound collage: once it's out there'presented as part of a transcontinental sound and performance evening at 'The Zone', Berlin

  • February 4th

Video op and Video artist at Melodie - die Kunst des Anderen, Korsobad, Berlin, directed by Daniel Daoudi


  • November 27th

10 min live performance  north, Berlin Compass- a four evening event. Curated by Sandra Sarala,  at the Club der polnischen Versager, Berlin.

  • November 6th-Decmeber 11th

Video calling from the inside out is shown at the exhibition 'Rituals' curated by Arthur Patching at the 129 gallery, Berlin

  • November 6th

room installation object/video/sound/photo in the attic of Creativ-Centrum Neuköllner Leuchtturm as part of 'Nacht und Nebel' artfestival 2011, collaboration with Elsa Thorp, Berlin

  • November 3rd

video projection  with live music by Macaco Mau and Moskauer Bluthund presented at Musikhuset Elværket, Helsingør, Denmark

  • October 8th

10 min live performance/video/sound yellow human 2 as part of 'Mi44or Mind Earth' a live intercontinental performance night in Die Frühperle, Berlin

  • September 23rd

video projection  for live music by Macaco Mau and Moskauer Bluthund at Raum 20, Berlin

  • September 16th

video projection  and installation for live music by Macaco Mau at Katzbach Gallery, Berlin

  • September 11th

9 min live performance/video/sound yellow human 1 at Finissage of Multiplicity: The great affordable print show, gallery 129, Berlin

  • June 17th

live video/installation/performance rattling flight, 8 min, showing at 48Stunden Neukölln Artfestival as part of 'Wanderlust' at limbus europae gallery, Berlin

  • June 18th

Video/Sound/Poem Hidden Cracks 3 min

public video screening at the Festival Silêncio in Lisbon, Portugal

  • April 20th

Live Performance finally my eyes roll up the hill at Judson Memorial Church, New York

video/Installation/Concept by Daniela Gast, Sound Design/Performance: Ana Lola Roman

Choreography: Iain Rowe & Roman

  • January

Musikvideo for 'Come gather around us,


  • November

Musikvideo for Jigsaw, Music: Ana Lola Roman,

  • October 8th

STACK - a Performance/Video/Sound Installation (45 min)

mit Sinah Blohberger, Ana Lola Roman, Veronica Mota, Alexa Wilson, directed by Daniela Gast, K-Salon, Berlin

  • September 24th/25th

'body on body' Performance Installation in Savvy Contemporary, Berlin

Concept: Rachel Brooker (Tanz), Kristof Meers (Video)

Tanz: Mirjam Gurtner, Anuki Coats, Christine Mauch, Jim Neirinck, Sarah-Jane Norman

Video: Martin Reimann, Clare Molloy, Daniela Gast

  • July 9th-11th

Elective Feast III, 13 min loop, Video/Installation/, The incredible 10, Experimentelles Kunst und Musikfestival, Dresden, Germany

  • June 25th-Juli 6th

Video/Raum/Installation, Karl is coming later, 7 min loop, Verwertung: Experimentelles Musik-und Kunstfestival, Stadtbad Wedding Berlin, Germany

  • June 2010

28 min Videoloop in collaboration with other artists /dance/music/video), presented at Savvy Contemporary Berlin


  • October 9th

Film: ‘Bernhard Buchterkirchens ganz eigene Tour de France’ 31min, Dokumentation der 12 day Radtour eines Blinden von Paris nach Weimar 2008 in Zusammenarbeit mit Radio Lotte Weimar unter dem Motto für mehr Demokratie und Toleranz

  • September 25th

‘Elective Feast’, 13 min, Installation/Performance in Collaboration mit Ana Lola Roman, Art Fair Berlin, Kindl Brauerei, Berlin

  • July 10th-11th

Film: ‘Im Zuge der Zeit’ 4 min, 2009 part of a group exhibition‘The incredible 10’ im FriedrichStadtZentral, Dresden


  • June 21st

Showing of Nine (9 min shortfilm in collaboration with Ptp Prendergast),Weimarer backup-Kurzfilmfestival

May 27th

  • Salve Tv First Cut, Weimar, Kurzfilm: 'Weimar', Gefühle in Bildern (8 min), Kamakura Projekt- ein Gruß an Japan, 4min,
  • March 1st

Kurzfilm: Nine, Collaboration with Ptp Prendergast, shown a spart of Urban Being Instability Identity, K:ta Gallery, Kunstprojekt: International Temporary Art, Berlin


  • December 19th

Performance und Video im Kunsthaus GlogauAir, Berlin, in collaboration with Natalie Bowers, Zohar Frank, Raisa Kröger, Katharina Meyer

  • Juli 21st/22nd & Juli 26th-29th

part of a group performance (40 performer) in Still Lives – good work productions cie Isabelle Schad, Sophiensaele, Berlin


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