Craig Cheply

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"100% Natural #29-Gun", 2015 Natural History (Certified) On White Washed 2013 Newspaper Gun Articles Glued On Primed, Unstretched Canvas 56" X 106" © 2015
SOLD- Ripples in Time, 2001 Acrylic 48 X 72 X 1.25 Inches © 2001
SOLD-Cliche', 2001 Acrylic 72 X 48 X 1.25 Inches © 2001
X-Marks the Spot, 1999 Acrylic On Masonite 16" X 24" © Craig Cheply
Desert Walk: Arizona Museum of Natural History, 1999 Latex And Acrylic On Sheetrock 10' X 90' © Craig Cheply
Tropical Deciduous Forest: Arizona Museum of Natural History, 2003 Latex And Acrylic On Sheetrock 10' X 25' © Craig Cheply
Time for a change of scenery, 2003 Acrylic On Canvas 12" X 30" © Craig Cheply
The Two Natures, 2003 Acrylic On Canvas 9" X 12" © Craig Cheply
Lifelines. Battlelines., 2003 Acrylic On Canvas 3' X 2' © Craig Cheply
Divided and Conquered, 2005 Acrylic On Canvas 5' 9" X 3' 9" © Craig Cheply
Blind Assumptions, 2006 Acrylic On Canvas 8' 4" X 12' 3" © Craig Cheply
Think. Before You Act..., 2008 Graphic,Interactive Art, Removable Condoms For The Sexually Active Viewer 2' X 6' 3" © Craig Cheply
Outsourced Patriotism- With map reference for geographically challenged beauty contestants, 2008 Chinese Manufactured Goods Reassembled In The Usa 11.5" X 17.5" X 4" © Craig Cheply
A Bright Beginning, 2001 Acrylic 72 X 48 X 1.25 Inches © 2001
Good Hair Day, 2000 Acrylic 72 X 53 X 1.25 Inches © 2000
SOLD-Yes, We have some Bananas..., 2001 Acrylic 78 X 36 X 1.25 Inches © 2001
Magenta Manifique', 1999 Acrylic 54 X 42 X 1.25 Inches © 1999
White Cereus Bloom, 1998 Watercolor With Mat And Frame 20 X 16 X .25 Inches © 1998
Temporary Beauty, 2004 Acrylic 30 X 36 X 1.25 Inches © 2004
SOLD, 2003 Acrylic 69 X 45 X 1.25 Inches © 2003
Salt River Serenity, 2000 Acrylic 16 X 36 X 1 Inches © 2000
Transition, 2004 Acrylic 24 X 36 X 1.25 Inches © 2004
A Bit of Paradise, 2003 Acrylic 33 X 45 X 1.0 Inches © 2003
The Weekend's Here, 2001 Acrylic 36 X 48 X 1.25 Inches © 2001
The Weekend's Gone, 2004 Acrylic 16 X 23.5 X 1.25 Inches © 2004
Blind Assumptions, 2006 Acrylic 100 X 147 X .15 Inches © 2006
100% Natural #1-Homage to Ruscha, 2007 Natural History (Certified) On Primed Canvas 45 X 69 X 1.25 Inches © 2007
100% Natural #2, 2007 Natural History (Certified) On Primed Canvas 24 X 36 X 1.25 Inches © 2007
100% Natural #3-Hunt's Lament, 2007 Natural History (Certified) On Primed Canvas 36 X 48 X 1.25 Inches © 2007
100% Natural #5-My Uncle is still a Junkie, So is yours, So am I..., 2008 Natural History (Certified) On Chinese Handmade Paper 22 X 13.5 X .15 Inches © 2008
100% Natural #6-A Perfectly Clear Olympian Endeavor, 2008 Natural History (Certified) On Chinese Handmade Paper 14 X 21 X .15 Inches © 2008
100% Natural #7-Funny Money Study #1, 2008 Natural History (Certified) On Chinese Handmade Paper 9 X 18 X .15 Inches © 2008
100% Natural #8-Rorschach Test #1, 2008 Natural History (Certified) On Unprimed Canvas 36 X 48 X 1.25 Inches © 2008
100% Natural #9-Business as USual , 2008 Natural History (Certified) On Unprimed, Unstretched Canvas 69 X 134 X 1.25 Inches © 2008
“100 % Natural #10-Maddog”, 2016 Natural History (Certified) On Unprimed Canvas 28.75" X 36" © Craig Cheply
100 % Natural #11-Butterflies Aren't Free, (c) 2009 Natural History (Certified) On Unprimed, Unstretched Canvas 29.5" X 27.25" © 2009
100% Natural #13-And Then What?, 2009 30 X 24 X 1.25 Inches
100% Natural #14-Dividends are Served-Business as USual #2, 2010 Natural History (Certified) On Unprimed Canvas 32 X 54 X 1.25 Inches © 2010
100% Natural #15-Dispersing the facts-Out of sight, out of mind, 2010 Natural History (Certified) On Unprimed Canvas 44 X 48 X 1.25 Inches © 2010
100% Natural #16-These United States, 2010 Natural History (Certified) On Unprimed Canvas 32 X 53 X 1.25 Inches © Craig Cheply
100% Natural #17-High Pollution Advisory Until You Die-homage to Beijing, 2011 Natural History (Certified) On Chinese Handmade Paper 5.5 X 6.75 X .1 Inches © 2011
100% Natural #18-What Lies Beneath, 2011 Natural History (Certified) On Unprimed Canvas 56 X 40 X 1.25 Inches © 2011
100% Natural #21-These United States-History Unheeded, 2012 Natural History (Certified) On Unprimed Canvas 32.5 X 53 X 1.25 Inches © 2012
100% Natural #22-Breathe, Drink, Consume, 2012 Natural History (Certified) On Unprimed, Unstretched Canvas 53" X 42" © 2012
100% Natural #23-$ymbiotic Pipedream$, 2013 Natural History (Certified) On Unprimed Canvas 32.5 X 53 X 1.25 Inches © 2013
100% Natural #25-Bipartisanship Since 2009, 2013 Natural History (Certified) On Whitewashed Political Newspaper Articles/Issues 48" X 60" © 2013
100% Natural #27-EnvironGeoPolitical Landscape #1, 2014 Natural History (Certified) 83" X 59" © 2014
100% Natural #26-Once Upon A Time, 2014 Natural History (Certified) On White Washed Political News Articles 36" X 58.5" © 2014
100% Natural #26-Once Upon A Time-Midterm$ 2014, 2014 Natural History (Certified) On Whitewashed 2014 Political Newspaper Articles Glued On Primed Canvas 36" X 58.5" © 2014
Field of Dreams-Commissioned Public Art, 2012 Paint, Foam, Wood, Used Athletic Footwear, Adhesives 16' X 24' © Craig Cheply
100% Natural #9-Business As USual, 2008 Natural History (Certified) On Unprimed Unstretched Canvas 5' 9" X 11' 2" © 2008
100% Natural #31-Until I Walk A Mile In Their Shoes, 2015 Natural History (Certified) On Unprimed, Unstretched Canvas 46" X 56" © 2015
Quick Facts
Lives in
Tempe, AZ
Works in
Tempe, AZ
sculpture, mixed-media, installation, landscape, modern

Craig Cheply is both a commercial (Artist Environs LLC) and fine artist. His Contemporary Realism paintings are inspired by observations of the certain elements pertaining to the lighting, colors and textures of the Southwest environment and other travels. Craig's focus on southwestern skies, landscapes and flora captures his vision while also addressing social, political and environmental issues related to the dramatic population growth in the region and beyond. "As we go about our daily rituals, we obviously look at and see many things. Some events register in our memories while others do not. Of the "things" that register, have we done a close observational view or just take the visual information for granted? Some artists are content to work with one subject, group of colors, or time/lighting condition repetitiously, giving them an identifiable "look" desired by art galleries and museums for marketing purposes. I have always embraced the challenge to render the variety of subjects in various media, time/lighting conditions therefore allowing both myself and the viewer a greater scope and appreciation of the art journalism experience." Permanent solo mural and scenic work can be viewed at the Arizona Museum of Natural History, formally Mesa Southwest Museum. In 2003 he put on the largest documented solo museum exhibit (in scope and scale) of any kind in Az.'s history at the museum. "Dawn to Dawn-Past, Present, Possible Futures" utilized his 8 commissioned murals (now 10) and 27 Contemporary Realism Paintings for the theme of the exhibit. The murals  are  "American Lion",  "Desert Walk", "Dinosaur Mountain", "Triassic Forest", "Mosasaur", "Metoposaur",  "Kenyata", "Tropical Deciduous Forest", "Hands on Discovery  Center", Mesa Grande  Ruins, collaborative work in the "Paleoseas" Diorama. He was one of two muralists chosen out of 35 Az. applicants to work with the New York City based Evergreen Painting Studios team to paint 10,000 square feet of murals on the west side entrance in the Bank One Ballpark in 1998 now known as Chase One Field. Educated at F.I.T. (A.A.S.) and Pratt Institute in New York, he received his B.F.A. in Interior Design from Arizona State University in 1980. He has done set design, scenic and special effect painting for the theatrical, motion picture and television industries (member of I.A.T.S.E. local 485). His paintings have been exhibited widely across the U.S. with inclusion into national and international shows in New York jurored by the late Robert Rosenblum (Guggenheim Museum), Tina Kukielski (Whitney Museum), and Charlotta Kotik (Brooklyn Museum). He continues to create his visual journalistic Contemporary Realism fine art, custom murals, trompe l'oeil, faux effects for the institutional, commercial and residential environments along with having self published limited edition prints of some of his original paintings available for purchase. Studio visit by appointment only. Craig's art in Permanent Collections: Private, Arizona Museum of Natural History, -10 murals + fine art, Burton Barr Central Library-Phoenix, Az., City of Glendale, Az. City of Chandler, Az. 2007 Az. Governor's Arts Awards Nominee.  Please just Google Craig Cheply for more worldly info. and feedback... Thank you for your time reading this, enjoy the visuals.

Juried Group Exhibits:

2017: ArtPrize #9-Grand_Rapids_MI-Venue:The_B.O.B. //

2016:..ASU...Land..Sea..and..Sky...//ArtPrize#8-Grand_Rapids_MI-Venue:The_B.O.B. //Maryland Federation of Art-Strokes Of Genius                                                                                     

2015: Maryland Federation of Art-American Landscapes  //  Directors Choice From Virtual To Actual4-Viridian Artists NY  //  ArtPrize #7-Grand Rapids MI- Venue: The B.O.B.  //

2014: Full Bloom Phoenix Sky Harbor Museum  /Viridian Gallery NYC-Directors Choice-Vernita Nemic-From Virtual to Actual  /  Slocumb Gallery-ETSU-Karlota Contreras Koterbay- Colors of Aspiration-Flags of Contemporary Art  /                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  2013: Brooklyn-BWAC Wide Open4 juror- Carrie Springer curator Whitney Museum / South Arkansas Art Center juror-David Houston-director Bo Bartlett Art Center, / Story of the Creatives jurors:See.Me staff, / Maryland Federation of  Art-American Landscapes juror- Denise Carvalho, /  ArtPrize 5 GrandRapids MI venue exhibiting –The B.O.B

2012:  AZ Landscapes- Celebration of AZ Century Statehood  Tempe Center for the Arts juror-Michelle Dock /  BWAC 3- Wide Open juror: Charlotta Kotik  former curator Brooklyn Museum of Art / Viridian Artists 23rd Annual Intl. Directors Choice Powerpoint Presentation- juror Vernita Nemec / ArtPrize 4: Venue -The B.O.B. Grand Rapids, MI 

2011:  ArtPrize3- Grand Rapids-MI; juror:The B.O.B. Venue,  BWAC Wide Open 2 Brooklyn, NY. Juror - Nathan Trotman, Associate Curator at the Guggenheim Museum of Art.

2010: ArtPrize2, juror: The B.O.B. Venue Grand Rapids-MI,  Viridian Artists 21st Annual juror: Elisabeth Sussman-Whitney Museum,  BWAC Wide Open Brooklyn, NY (Co-winner-People’s Choice Award),  jurors: Anne Strauss -Met. Museum of Modern Art, Mark Hughes- Galerie LeLong NY, Bill Murphy- Prof. Wagner College- NY

2009: Tempe, AZ. Mill Ave. Post Office-“Eco-Friendly”, Sundust Gallery AZ

2008: Shemer Museum, AZ. “Landscaped” juror Lindsay Palmer. “Art for Health-Breaking The Cycle” juror Gail Peterson, Herberger Theater, AZ “Garden of the Soul” juror Joan Thompson. Tempe Center for the Arts, AZ. “Masters of Illusion” jurors: Michelle Dock, Larry Yanez. Tempe Public Library, AZ “Valley Stories”, “Flowers & Fauna” jurors: Michelle Dock, Larry Yanez.  Artoconecto, “A-B(o)MB!”, Miami, FL jurors: Claire Breukel, Jen Stark, Byron Peck, Annie Warton.

2007: Coos Art Museum OR juror: Amy Pence-Brown -Boise Art Museum.  Viridian Gallery NY City affiliate member  group exhibit. “WaterLust” Tempe Public Library AZ, curator: Michelle Dock. ViridianArtists  Gallery NY City 18th Annual National Exhibition juror: Charlotta Kotik-Brooklyn Museum NY   Agora Gallery New York City 22nd Annual International Exhibition, juror: Tina Kukielski-Whitney Museum NY   Cultural Arts Council 21st Annual National Exhibit, Douglasville, GA, juror: Dr. Bill Eiland director Georgia Museum of Art

2006: Glendale Arts Council 43rd Ann. Juried, (1st place in Oil/Acrylic division + Best of Show). Art Detour #18Phx, AZ, Coos Art Museum juror: Ed Musante. ViridianArtistsInc. 17th Annual National Juried Exhibit NYC juror: Robert Rosenblum- Guggenheim Museum

2005: Coos Art Museum OR juror: Norman Lundin, emeritus Professor of Art -Seattle, Wa. Vision Gallery- Chandler AZ Foundry Art Centre, Missouri juried.  Herberger Theatre, AZ. juried “Inside -Outside”.

2004: Artlink’s AZ. juried 8th Annual  Art Exhibition. Grand Canyon Univ. AZ. “Landscape Realisms Visited”. Sky Harbor Art Program, AZ. juried-“Flights of Fancy”. Herberger Theater, Phx juried “Summer Delights”.

2003: Imbeau Gallery- Mesa, AZ, Vision Gallery- Chandler AZ, Dinnerware- Tucson, AZ , 10th Biennial Juried Nat’l. Sky Harbor Art Program, Phx, AZ juried “Capturing the Wild” & “Fish Stories”.  Art Detour, Phx, AZ

2002: Artlink’s AZ juried 6th Annual  Art Exhibition. Wind River Valley Artists Guild, WY 53rd Annual Art Exhibition (honorable mention in watercolor division). Phippen Museum, AZ -28th Annual Fine Art Show.

2001:  Mesa Southwest Museum, AZ “Artists Expansion Group Exhibit”. Art Detour, Phx, AZ

Solo Exhibits:

2018: Walter Art Gallery Scottsdale, AZ  "Dawn To Dawn-The Continued Observations" curated by Nicole Royse

2005:Joan Cawley Gallery, AZ  “Some Old Thoughts, Some New Thoughts”

2004: Joan Cawley Gallery, AZ  Debut Exhibit.

2003: Mesa Southwest Museum, AZ “Dawn To Dawn-Past, Present, Possible Futures”. Mayo Health Center, AZ.

2001: Burton Barr Central Library, AZ “Some Thoughts”


April ‘08 Phoenix Home & Garden magazine featured artist. May ’08 944 magazine. Mar. 2005-Book -“17 Interviews with 17 Visual Fine Artists” writer James Leonard-Amodeo, Sierra Arts Productions. Jan. 2005 SouthwestArt Magazine “Start Your Collection” column. Nov. 14, 2004 Arizona Republic a&e. Oct. 30, 2003 The State Press Magazine: Steve Ganczaruk Oct. 24, 2003 AZ.  Sentinel. Oct. 19, 2003 Arizona Republic a&e section: John Villani. Oct. 18, 2001 Arizona Republic, the rep: Richard Nilsen. May 15, 2001 Arizona Daily Star: Helena Elling.

Permanent Collections:

Private, Arizona Museum of Natural History, Burton Barr Central Library-Phoenix, AZ, City of Glendale, AZ, City of Chandler, AZ





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