Jim Plaxco

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Contemplating Infinity, 2004 Digital Giclee Print 11 By 14 Inches © Copyright Jim Plaxco
Impression of a Crystalline Flower, 2004 Digital Giclee Print 14 By 11 Inches © Copyright Jim Plaxco
Mistress Moon, 2007 Digital Giclee Print 13.5 By 10.5 Inches © Copyright Jim Plaxco
Intus Astrum Navis, 2002 Digital Giclee Print 13 By 10 Inches © Copyright Jim Plaxco
Atmospheric Disturbance, 2010 Digital 20 By 15 Inches © 2010 - Jim Plaxco
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algorithmic, astronomical, space, Art, photography, digital, conceptual

Jim Plaxco is a digital artist who works with 2D, 3D, algorithmic, and photographic elements to create digital art. His introduction to computer art occurred in 1982 when taking a graduate level course in computer graphics. His areas of specialization include abstract art, astronomical art, and landscapes.

As a Solar System Ambassador for the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Jim has used his artistic and image processing skills to create astronomical and planetary images using data from a variety of space missions to illustrate his educational presentations.

In 2008, Jim served as a judge in the NASA Life and Work on the Moon Art Contest and the National Space Society's 2009 Space Settlement Art Contest. In May 2008, Jim spoke at the International Space Development Conference in Washington DC on Using Art to Promote Space Exploration.

Visit Jim's Artsnova blog at where he discusses digital art, astronomy, photography, and other topics.



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